Microsoft, Avnet renew efforts to grab Chinese markets

US companies are looking further into China in a bid to boost business.

Apple to open flagship Hong Kong store

Apple's retail expansion into China continues to blossom, as the company is now targeting Hong Kong as the next location.

Hong Kong stock exchange hacked

The Hong Kong stock exchange was forced to halt trading this afternoon for 7 stocks after its website was hacked during the morning trading session.

Report: Chinese government installs spying devices on Hong Kong cars

Beijing is allegedly using audio spying devices on dual-plate Chinese-Hong Kong vehicles to gather information.

Google's Chinese operating license hangs in the balance

Google has abandoned its policy of redirecting Chinese users to its Hong Kong servers in an attempt to keep its operating license in the country. The move comes as Chinese rival Baidu takes steps to expand.

China says it doesn't blame US for Google's actions

The Chinese government has indicated that relations with the US won't be damaged by Google's decision to stop censoring search results in the country.