Report: Apple to debut iPad 2 on March 2

Apple is reportedly planning to debut the second iteration of its flagship iPad tablet on March 2 in San Francisco. Although Cupertino has yet to send invites, AllThingsD speculates that the venue is likely to be the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Report: Android smartphones could get Honeycomb "lite"

Honeycomb - which Google coded from scratch (from the ground up) - has been designated a tablet-specific operating system. 

However, certain elements of the slick OS are likely to find their way into future smartphone-friendly versions of Android.

Rumor suggests February 2 launch event for Honeycomb

Sources say that Google is planning to officially lift the veil on Android version 3.0, otherwise known as Honeycomb, in just two days.

Xoom rumored to be priced at an insane $800

Motorola's anticipated Android-based Xoom tablet has been making a lot of headlines because it's the first to use Android 3.0 and is upgradeable to a 4G connection. But now it's making headlines for a less favorable reason.

Is Android Honeycomb a "tablet only" OS?

After months and months of anticipation, rumor has it that Android 3.0 - a.k.a Honeycomb - may never arrive on smartphones, at least in its current form.

Apple laughs at competing tablets

Apple COO Tim Cook says he is utterly unimpressed by the plethora of Android and Windows-based tablets showcased in glitzy Las Vegas during CES 2011.

Android 2.4, "Ice Cream," said to be coming in summer

Nothing beats the summer heat like a big bowl of soft-serve goodness, and Android's taking a cue as I scream, you scream, we all scream for a new version of the mobile operating system.

Motorola prepares for huge Xoom sales

Could it be true the a million Xoom units will ship when the Android tablet is released next month? Motorola must have a good feeling about the gadget because it's amping up production in a big way.

Can Android Honeycomb take on Apple iOS?

Android Honeycomb is indeed a sleek and sexy tablet OS. But is the latest iteration of Google's popular mobile operating system capable of taking on Apple's iOS-powered iPad?

Sweet! Google showcases Android Honeycomb

Google's Android devs have released an official video demonstrating the awesome sweetness of Android Honeycomb (3.0).

Motorola Android tablet looks cool, isn't a "Droid"

We all knew it was coming. Motorola has created the most prolific Android phones yet and it was only a matter of time before the company made official its new Android tablet product. It doesn't carry the instantly recognizable "Droid" name, but perhaps it won't need to.

Toshiba does Honeycomb with dual-core Tegra 2 tablet

Toshiba is showcasing a next-gen Tegra 2-powered tablet at CES 2011. 

No, your Android tablet can't run Honeycomb

Are you looking forward to booting Honeycomb on your current Android tablet? 

Well, sorry to disappoint, but it seems as if the next-gen iteration of Google's popular mobile operating system requires some pretty hefty specs.

Is Android 2.4 Honeycomb?

Android Honeycomb - which features optimized support for tablets - may not be set at version 3.0. Rather, Google has reportedly designated version 2.4 to represent the long-awaited iteration of the popular mobile operating system.

Android "Honeycomb" tossing buttons like a bad habit

Whether it's the iPhone, Xbox 360 Kinect, or now the latest version of Android, it looks like the concept of having to press buttons is becoming a thing of the past.