Analyst warns of oversupply of Android tablets

With more than a dozen companies on the Android tablet list, what's a consumer to do?

Xoom sales are low...perhaps frighteningly low

It's possible that only 25,000 Xoom units have been sold to date.

Sony unveils two Android tablets

Sony's finally announced plans to release two tablet PCs, a full year after Apple's launch of the iPad.

Loads of Lenovo ThinkPad tablet details leaked

Lenovo's Android 3.0-equipped tablet looks for a June release date.

Xoom SNAFU delays Honeycomb tablet launches

Potential iPad competitors are reportedly delaying the launch of Honeycomb-powered tablets as faltering Motorola Xoom sales fail to meet industry expectations.

Android Honeycomb does require certain specs

If you want to make an Android 3.0 tablet, you need need to meet specific requirements.

4/9/11 SNB, SCB weekly wrap

Here is some of what you might have missed this past week on SmallNetBuilder and SmallCloudBuilder.

LG's glasses-free 3D tablet will come with 3D glasses

Even though the upcoming G-Slate tablet won't require the use of 3D glasses, it will come with a pair of glasses anyway.

Acer's Android Honeycomb tablet is $449

If you want to see all that Android 3.0 ("Honeycomb") has to offer, but can't afford a Xoom, here's a more economical option.

Google adapts Chrome OS for tablets

Google is apparently adapting its browser-based Chrome operating system for tablets.

Android Music 3.0 app leaked early

Google is planning to update its built-in music playing software on Android, but someone spoiled the surprise.

Sony Android tablet is now official

Sony will in fact be releasing an Android tablet using Google's latest Honeycomb operating system.

4/1 SNB-SCB weekly wrap

Here is some of what you might have missed this past week on SmallNetBuilder and SmallCloudBuilder.

Lack of Honeycomb-specific apps could doom the Xoom

The Motorola Xoom is currently the most viable alternative to the iPad, at a similar price point and form factor. But is it doomed to fail because of the lack of Honeycomb-specific apps in the Android market?

Report: Google's official 'Nexus' tablet due this summer

Rumor has it the 'Nexus' name will be making its way to tablet form this summer, complete with Android 3.0 and full support from Google.

Asus's first Android 3.0 tablet on the way (not in the US, yet)

Asus, one of the biggest companies to embrace the world of netbooks and tablets, has announced the completion of its first tablet to be powered by Android 3.0.

Asustek preparing a $200 netbook for summer

The advent of the netbook market has been great for budget-conscious consumers, as it has opened up personal computers to people who don't have $1000 in their pocket.

Wi-Fi-only Xoom heading out, 'only' $599

Answering to complaints that the $800 Xoom is too expensive, Motorola has just announced a cheaper version set to debut at all the major big box stores.

Analyst bashes Android Honeycomb

Android may have taken the mobile industry by storm, but Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research remains utterly unimpressed by Google's tablet-specific version of the popular OS.

The Daily has eyes on Android

Ever since it was first announced last year, Rupert Murdoch's digital newspaper The Daily has been referred to as an "iPad-only" publication. Soon, that verbiage will need to change.