Jelly Beans are cool beans

The latest Android distribution statistics are out and they are promising. The number of devices running Jelly Bean is up by 8.5 percent from February and older versions are rapidly losing share.

Sobering Ice Cream Sandwich adoption numbers

The percentage of Android devices running version 4.0 has more than doubled in the past couple months, but that number still isn't even 2%.

Toshiba introduces 'world's thinnest tablet'

Toshiba will begin shipping its newest tablet, the Excite LE, next week.

Verizon LTE-powered Galaxy Tab 7.7 due March 1

The newest version of Samsung's formidable Android tablet brand will be hitting stores on March 1. makes its way to Android tablets

There's a new way to keep tabs on your money if you have a Honeycomb device.

Archos debuts $200 Honeycomb tablet

Archos has debuted a $200 Honeycomb (3.2) tablet for those interested in buying a current-gen Android device for the new year without breaking the bank.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is one tricked-out tablet

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is definitely one tricked-out Android tablet that is likely to give Apple’s iPad a run for its money.

Rumored 7-inch Motorola tablet pictures tip up

A couple of leaked photos of a purportedly new Motorola tablet have tipped up for all you mobile voyeurs.

Toshiba rolls out uber-thin Android tablet

Toshiba has rolled out an uber-thin Android tablet at IFA 2011 that measures only 25.7cm (10.1") and weighs in at 558g.

Samsung debuts next-gen Galaxy Tab

Samsung is showcasing its next-gen, 7-inch Galaxy Tab at IFA 2011 in Berlin. 

Apple's iPad wins again

It is almost funny to watch Apple's competitors fall all over themselves as they attempt to replicate the iPad experience.

HTC's next tablet is the 10-inch Puccini

If the FCC's latest filings are anything to go by, HTC's next tablet will be/ called the Puccini.

Honeycomb update to fix screen resize issues

Google is prepping a Honeycomb update that is expected to fix screen resize issues on various Android tablets.

Is Android Honeycomb intentionally broken?

One of the biggest complaints about Windows is that vendors often feel Microsoft doesn't provide enough room to differentiate.  

Analyst says Android experiencing "growing pains"

Numerous industry analysts, journalists and devs have described Google's tablet-optimized Honeycomb OS as "half-baked" or "unpolished."

Analysis: Acer gets a dose of Android tablet reality

Many journalists and analysts have questioned if there is a viable tablet market aside from Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Report: Microsoft wants its own Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft is reportedly mulling over the possibility of launching its very own Windows 8 tablet.

Asus Transformer is a ghost in Android's Honeycomb machine

It seems as if the Asus EEE Pad Transformer is little more than a ghost in Android's Honeycomb machine.

Nvidia: Next-gen Honeycomb tablets will get it right

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang isn't all that pleased with the first generation of Android Honeycomb tablets.

Google rolls out Android Honeycomb 3.1

Google is rolling out the first major update to its tablet-specific operating system.