Old Volt batteries - out of the car, into the home?

GM says it wants to have a half-million cars that run on electricity on the road by 2017. That’s a lot of carbon avoided, but it’s also a lot of what will someday be batteries no longer able to power vehicles.

3D-printed home of the future resembles a cave dwelling

Sure, 3D printing tech can be used to fabricate familiar everyday objects, and even whole rooms. But why use an infinitely flexible and creative medium to reproduce existing architectural forms?

This tiny green home goes where you go

We love tiny green houses here at EarthTechling and TG Daily.

Sony prepares for huge PS3 "Home" overhaul

It's Extreme Makeover: Playstation Home Edition.

Google teases Android@Home at I/O 2011

Android has thus far contented itself with residing on smartphone and tablet devices. 

But Google wants to shake up the status quo and usher in a new age of Android connectivity.

Work makes you miserable - or that's what your phone says

People are happiest at home, and most miserable at work - that's the conclusion of a new study which tracks people’s emotional behaviour through their mobile phones.

Gates geoengineering plan gets environmentalists up in arms

A report that Bill Gates plans to fund the world's largest geoengineering project to date has drawn fire from environmental groups.

Intel showcases Moorestown platform at IDF Beijing

Intel is showcasing its oft-delayed Moorestown platform at the annual developers conference in Beijing. 

Archos touts Android-powered tablets for the masses

Not interested in shelling out the big bucks for Apple's overhyped iPad? 

Well, Archos has introduced two new Android-based tablet devices with a fairly reasonable $200-$223 price tag.

Vice Principal denies spying on students with laptop webcams

A Pennsylvania-area school district official has called a press conference to vehemently deny charges of spying on students with remotely activated webcams.