Yes, Republicans wanted a Reagan hologram

We recently discussed the possibility of resurrecting celebrities and politicians in the form of larger than life holograms.

After Tupac, should Elvis be hologrammed?

Several months back, we ran several stories about long-dead celebrities being turned into holograms in the wake of the late Tupac Shakur appearing at the Coachella music festival.

Don’t hologram me

With the Tupac hologram making its debut at Coachella there’s been a lot of press speculation, often facetious, about what long gone celebrity could be hologramed next.

Elvis is back... As a hologram?!

Several years back Elvis Presley was the highest earning dead celebrity, and even if he's currently not #1, you know his estate is still making a ton of money.

Star Trek 'holodeck' created

A Queen's University researcher has built a hologram-like 'telepod' that lets people in different locations video conference as if they are standing in front of each other.

Video: Holographic Tupac rocks the mic at Coachella

The Coachella music festival kicks off with some fantastic performances every year in sunny California.

Virtual pop princess Miku to sing in English

If you’ve been waiting and praying for the day when Japanese vocalist Hatsune Miku will sing in English, well my friends, that day has finally come.

Japanese hologram rocks sold out concert

Vocalist and performer Hatsune Miku is a rising star in Japan's fast-moving pop scene. But she is also a virtual avatar - created by Crypton Media.

Holograms closer to becoming a reality

Scientists at the University of Arizona have developed a rewrite-able material that could one day be used to store massive amounts of shifting holographic data.

Intel and Nokia promise 3D for MeeGo - and holograms too

Intel and Nokia are creating a joint development center at Finland's University of Oulu, aiming to develop 3D and other new interfaces for mobile devices running MeeGo.

Team develops read-once holograms using quantum light memory

An Australian team says it's developed the most efficient quantum memory for light ever, and has used it to create read-once holograms.