Intel locks down high-def content with Sandy Bridge

Intel has confirmed that its Sandy Bridge processor micro-architecture features integrated content protection designed to thwart high-end digital piracy.

Digital partisans rescue LimeWire from Hollywood fascists

A clandestine team of digital partisans has successfully rescued the LimeWire file-sharing client from greedy Hollywood fascists.

'Holodeck' could revolutionize Hollywood, say its creators

Stony Brook University is building what it calls the closest thing in the world to Star Trek's 'holodeck'.

Lost: The Auction. Own crappy props now!

The passengers on Oceanic flight 815 should have gone straight to hell, but they only made it to syndication.

Hollywood injunction forces Pirate Bay offline

An official injunction has forced Pirate Bay to temporarily take its controversial file sharing site offline.

Roger Ebert says 3D movies add "nothing essential"

Sometimes it seems as if everyone is a critic - and Roger Ebert is certainly one of the most recognizable names in America's lucrative entertainment business.

Can a video game speak to the heart?

Peter Molyneux, the creative force behind the Fable series and the seminal god game Populous gave an emotive panel at SXSW on Sunday entitled "The Emotion Engine: Can a Video Game Speak to the Heart?"