Lone Ranger finally gets the green light

It was one of the biggest cliffhangers in recent Hollywood memory, but the modern day version of The Lone Ranger will start shooting on February 6, 2012 in New Mexico. 

Apple pushes to bring movies to iCloud

Apple is in the process of trying to woo movie studios to encourage them to allow titles to be hosted on Apple servers.

Does Ratner's Tower Heist threaten Hollywood?

For those who can't stand director Brett Ratner and feel he represents everything wrong with Hollywood, (or at least a lot of things wrong), now there's even more reason to hate him.

The inner child of Fast and Furious

This summer, there was an absolutely hilarious skit making the rounds on the 'Net. It's an interview with the "screenwriter" of the latest Fast and Furious movie, but then we see it's actually a five-year-old kid.

Contagion director threatens to quit Hollywood

Contagion director Steven Soderbergh has said it, downplayed it, then recently said it again: he's going to retire from filmmaking after his next slate of films, and work in other art forms.

The power of the almighty riff

If you wanted to be a guitar god back in the eighties, you moved out to Hollywood and enrolled at GIT, the Guitar Institute of Technology.

About that trailer for Battleship...

With many bemoaning the lack of original ideas in Hollywood, the upcoming board game adaptation of Battleship has become somewhat of a whipping boy amongst film geeks.

The Lord of the Rings still shines on

I can remember very clearly seeing the first teaser trailer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a golden ring floating in the darkness, and a voice over beginning with: "one ring to rule them all..."

Hollywood and ISPs in anti-piracy crackdown

A number of prominent ISPs have joined forces with movie and music studios in an effort to curtail online "piracy."

One of the kookiest 3D stories ever

Like today, 3D was Hollywood trying to get audiences back into theaters, and many schlocky movies were done in 3D to try to get anyone to go see something that was third rate at best.

On Joss Whedon and the golden age of television

There used to be a big separation between writing for features and writing for television, with TV considered a far more inferior medium.

Let boredom reign

Today's audiences expect films to move fast, with a lot of action right away. But is such a strategy good or bad for Hollywood?

Do movies still have time to succeed?

Robert Evans, the infamous former head of Paramount who wrote the classic Hollywood memoir "The Kid Stays in the Picture," used to say the first weekend for a film was like a parachute. 

Did the PC kill Hollywood’s archetypal screenwriter?

In the first part of this report for TG Daily, several top Hollywood screenwriters recalled the creative process before the computer age, and at the beginning of it.

Report: Amazon prepping Kal-El powered tablet

Amazon is reportedly prepping a high-end tablet - dubbed "Hollywood" - that will be powered by Nvidia's upcoming Kal-El quad-core processor.

The Dark Tower is now a cliffhanger

After reports about The Dark Tower going into turn around at Universal, suddenly rumors abound that the epic Stephen King adaptation is now slated for a Ron Howard-directed February 2012 start date.

Yowzahs! Premium VOD charges $30 per movie rental

Would you pay $30 to rent a movie on demand? No? Well, what if the film was brand new and still in the theaters?

Charlie Sheen bringing his madness to Detroit

Charlie Sheen is bringing his warlock to Detroit. He has enough tiger blood for everyone who will attend his gig at the Fox Theatre.  

On rebuilding and rebooting "Robocop"

It seems like I’m writing about another sci-fi movie reboot at least once a week, and this week is no different as Hollywood has announced plans to reboot "Robocop," one of the coolest, yet most gratuitously gory genre movies of all time.

Total Remake: Total Recall lead is Colin Farrell as Arnie’s part

The hackery in Hollywood is reaching critical levels. This time they’re remaking Total Recall with Colin Farrell.