Cassini sees Saturn and moons in holiday dress

This holiday season, feast your eyes on images of Saturn and two of its most fascinating moons, Titan and Enceladus, in a care package from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. All three bodies are dressed and dazzling in this special package assembled by Cassini's imaging team.

Unusual Holiday Gifts That Keep Folks Healthy and Safe

I've reviewed quite a number of gadgets during 2013. Several stand out as being particularly useful, while some are just a little bit amazing.

Don't put your laptop under my Christmas tree

It seems as if laptops are so 2010 - at least when it comes to what the masses want this holiday season.

HTC Holiday phone packs a 4.5-inch display

Although not officially confirmed by HTC, it seems the next big thing from the company will be a smartphone called the Holiday.

Black Friday turns Thanksgiving into spending holiday

Thanksgiving is the one holiday where tradition points to staying at home and spending time with the family to be thankful. Black Friday on the other hand, is Thanksgiving's evil counterpart.