10 facts that prove Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5

We have facts, people. Unassailable truths that justify sneering at iPhone lovers and the bourgeoise followers that trail them.

On sex and sleaze in Silicon Valley

Ah, Silicon Valley. Those two words conjure up images of gently rolling hills, shiny buildings and startup companies in hipster lofts filled with innumerable empty cans of Pabst and discarded pizza boxes.

Yelp adds new "hipster" description to restaurants and hot spots

Today on Twitter, a friend griped that her favorite brunch place was officially labeled as "hipster" on social recommendation website, Yelp. HIPSTER?

Cut-price iPhones at Walmart: Not Cool!

Hipsters in mass suicide pact upon realization that Apple products will be used by people wearing sweats and shopping at, uhm, Walmart.

Self righteous SXSW-fest finally over

As the tragically hip make their reverse Mecca haj out of Austin today – updating 4Square on their iPhones as they go - we take a look back over SXSW Interactive, celebrating the worn checkered shirts, grungy chic neck scarfs, cowboy hats and hemp sandals.