Hipster, surfer or biker? Computers may soon be able to tell the difference

Are you a hipster, surfer or biker? What is your urban tribe? Your computer may soon be able to tell. Computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego, are developing an algorithm that uses group pictures to determine to which of these groups, or urban tribes, you belong.

Path and Hipster swipe users' address books

The popular Path photo-sharing app is uploading users' entire address books to its servers, a developer has discovered - and Path says it's not a mistake. Hipster's claimed to be doing the same.

Hipster pizzeria snubs Steve Jobs

A hipster pizzeria located in San Francisco's ironic Mission District unceremoniously snubbed Steve Jobs by refusing to seat the turtlenecked Apple King without a reservation.

Urban Tool touts geeky gadget holsters for hipsters

Are you a geeky male hipster with an ironic, badly trimmed soul patch? Do you have an (understandably) depressed girlfriend who routinely refuses to lug around your tricked-out and tattooed Apple gear?