Account hijackers rife, warns Google

Google's warning of a big increase in the number of email accounts being hijacked - but says that things would be more than 100 times worse it it weren't for the company's efforts.

Mac malware hijacks video and audio data

Morcut malware - aka Crisis - was apparently specifically coded to spy on infected Mac OS X users by hijacking video and audio data.  

Yes, hackers can hijack printers

Researchers at Columbia University have identified a firmware security flaw in an unknown number of Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers that could potentially be exploited by hackers.

Anonymous releases 'Twitter-jacking' tool

The Anonymous hacking collective has released a tool allowing people to hijack topics trending on Twitter and send tweets on any topic within them.

Report: China hijacked and re-routed US-based Internet traffic

China Telecom recently hijacked and re-routed a "significant portion" of Internet traffic - including data from the US military, civilian organizations, commercial entities and government networks.