K-Glass is a high-speed, head-mounted display with augmented reality chip

Walking around the streets searching for a place to eat will be no hassle when a head-mounted display (HMD) becomes affordable and ubiquitous.

What a high-speed American railway would look like

As we all know, United States is far, far behind others part of the world like China and Europe when it comes to high-speed rail deployment.

That trick never works

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of high-tech gadgets hit the market, flourish for a while, and then die. Some were pretty cool, while others, well, probably not so much.

3D printer knocks out tiny objects - fast

A new, high-precision 3D printer can create nanometer-sized objects and is way faster than similar devices.

High-speed broadband Internet takes flight

Boeing has announced the first installation of an in-flight, wireless high-speed broadband service on a business-class 737 aircraft.