Rubber chicken launched into massive solar storm

It's been known for some time that solar storms represent a danger to the health of astronauts. But what about rubber chickens?

Math teachers biased against girls

High school math teachers are biased against girls, rating their abilities lower than those of boys with the same test scores.

GPS tracks high school truants

Cutting class used to be all about dodging the hall monitor, but nowadays if students ditch too many times they will be asked to carry a GPS tracker in Anaheim, California. The GPS technology not only tells school officials where exactly the kids are, but asks them to enter a code at critical times in the day like lunch or a break, where they might be tempted to ditch.

High school biology teachers refuse to teach evolution

High school biology teachers need more training to, um, help them understand and thus believe in basic tenets of biology.

Violent high school teacher becomes a YouTube star

A high school algebra teacher who suffered a violent nervous breakdown in a Nashville classroom has become a YouTube star nearly overnight.