How wind power can help the poor

Vestas is leading an effort to bring hybrid power generation – systems that combine factory-refurbished wind turbines and what the company calls “advanced diesel power generation” – to the poor, beginning with as many as 13 projects in Kenya that could serve 200,000 people with electricity at 30 percent below the current cost of diesel-only power production.

Kaspersky wants your help cracking malware payload

Kaspersky Lab is asking for help cracking an encrypted 'warhead' in the Gauss malware which it identified last week.

Pirate threat forces scientists to turn to Navy for help

Scientists are turning to the Australian and US navies to help protect them from Somali pirates in the western Indian ocean.

Microsoft ships American jobs overseas

WTF? Microsoft is sending jobs abroad in a new outsourcing deal and deserves to be teabagged.