NASA to crash test helicopter to study safety

Anybody who says NASA researchers don't know how to have a smashing good time has not met a team at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. They are test engineers whose job it is to make aircraft safer by crashing them.

Open-source quadcopter swoops out of the shadows

We recently took a close look at the MeCam, a rather interesting programmable flying machine equipped with its own little camera that streams video to smartphones.

Video: Human-powered 'copter sets flight record

Humans dreamed of flying for hundreds of years before the Wright brothers, with some imagining human-powered aircraft would eventually take flight.

Robot fails to complete Japanese nuke plant mission

A robot and a drone have failed to complete their respective missions to inspect and measure contamination levels in Japan's hard-hit Fukushima nuclear plant which was damaged by a devastating tsunami in March.

Biofuel blend powers Navy Sea Hawk helicopter

The US Navy recently used a 50/50 biofuel blend to fly an MH60S Sea Hawk - a helicopter typically deployed for anti-surface warfare and combat  missions.

Halo Interceptor flies, drives and dives

A British engineer has designed a concept car capable of transforming itself into an airplane, helicopter or motorboat. 

The SUV that turns into a helicopter

AVX Aircraft company has designed an SUV that can change into a helicopter in seconds, and has submitted the design to Darpa.

US soldier arrested over WikiLeaks security breach

A US soldier has been arrested for allegedly leaking classified footage of a controversial 2007 helicopter strike that killed a dozen people in Baghdad.