Apple iPads could be bad for your heart

Apple fanboys, with heart conditions, who take their iPads to bed with them, could find that their next rounded rectangle is a coffin.

Red meat consumption linked to early death

Researchers have discovered that eating red meat - any at all - appears to dramatically increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Iceman's genome reveals health problems

He was predisposed towards heart problems, suffered from Lyme disease and was lactose intolerant - and he died over 5,000 years ago.

Fruit and veg take on heart disease gene

An international team of scientists has concluded that the effects of a gene typically associated with heart disease can actually be mitigated by "generous amounts" of fruit and raw vegetables. 

Autopsy confirms 3,500 year old Egyptian princess had clogged arteries

If you thought McDonald’s was the only food capable of giving you artery busting bad health, think again.

Awesome research says, Working overtime bad for you

People who work three or more hours longer than a normal, seven-hour day have a 60% higher chance of heart disease.