SteelSeries launches mobile gaming gear for Android and iOS

SteelSeries has officially rolled out its new mobile wireless controller along with a Flux headset.

The iPhone app that reads minds: What’s next?

It’s a device that looks like Professor Xavier’s Cerebro helmet, the weird twist? The iPhone application that it was designed for can read minds much like the fictionalized supercomputer from comic book legend.

How to shoot down enemy craft - just by looking at them

BAE Systems is testing a helmet that allows fighter pilots to shoot down a target simply by looking at it and saying 'fire!'

George Lucas angered over Jedi Mind trick

An angry George Lucas has filed a hefty $5 million trademark lawsuit against Jedi Mind for selling apps that allows users to play games simply by thinking.

Nox Audio debuts "cross-platform" headset

Nox Audio has debuted an $80 "cross-platform" headset for PCs, iPods and cell phones.

Psyko debuts 5.1 gaming headset

Psyko Audio Labs has introduced a 5.1 headset that allows hardcore PC gamers to precisely identify the source of muffled gunshots, light footsteps and overwhelmingly loud explosions.