Do HDDs have a place in a tablet-dominated future?

Although shipments of SSDs for notebooks will be minuscule compared to HDDs over the next few years, the flash-based components are already shaving off market share from traditional hard drives.

SSDs go mainstream with Intel's 320 lineup

Intel is targeting mainstream consumers with its third-generation SSD (solid-state drive) lineup.

Seagate touts SSD-HDD hybrid for laptops

Seagate has debuted a 2.5-inch laptop PC hard drive that combines SSD-like performance with the capacity and price points of traditional HDDs.

Report: Xbox 360 to support USB mass storage devices

A firmware update planned for Spring 2010 will reportedly allow Microsoft's Xbox 360 to recognize USB mass storage devices.

Intel introduces low-cost SSD

Intel has introduced a high-performance, solid-state drive (SSD) priced at a fairly reasonable $125.