Panasonic launches 3D camcorder for budding James Camerons

Not enough 3D content available on your fancy new 3D TV? Then make your own. Panasonic has become the first major manufacturer to launch a consumer videocamera that can record in 3D.

Report: Next-gen iPod Touch to feature 5MP camera

Apple's next-gen iPod Touch will reportedly feature an advanced, forward-facing 5MP camera capable of shooting HD video at 720p.

Intel eulogizes Larrabee GPGPU

Intel has officially confirmed that it will not be bringing a discrete graphics product - such as the Larrabee GPGPU - to market.

NBC streamed 4.4 million hours of Olympic video

The company that killed, nay, murdered, Law & Order, makes kissy face with Microsoft and Silverlight.

Adobe touts Flash 10.1 at Mobile World Congress

Adobe has confirmed that a beta version of Flash Player 10.1 has officially been made available to content providers and mobile developers - with general availability of the platform expected during the first half of 2010.