HBO Go and Cinemax apps hacked, HDMI output enabled

Hack enables HDMI output for HBO Go content on your big-screen TV.

HBO Go Android app is updated for Nexus 7

The first tablet to get Google's official seal of approval has now been given the same stamp from HBO.

HBO Go hits another screen - Kindle Fire

The video streaming platform wars continue, as HBO Go is making its way to another audience.

Netflix's Reed Hastings just wants his HBO Go

The CEO of Netflix is talking about how much he wants HBO Go; what's wrong with this picture?

HBO’s iPad app is ready for Game of Thrones 

The long-awaited second season of Game of Thrones (GoT) premieres this Sunday, April 1. Are you ready?

HBO Go and Xfinity rolls out for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 owners who subscribe to Xfinity (Comcast), HBO or MLB.TV can now enjoy three new streaming platforms on their game consoles.

HBO Go may come to PS3, Xbox 360, more

You  may very well soon be able to watch HBO from your TV. What a crazy thought.