Microsoft wants more core games for the Kinect

A Microsoft spokesperson recently confirmed that Redmond is planning to release "more and more" core Kinect games in the near future.

After cancelling latest title, Harry Potter back titles get 3D

Warner Bros just got finished saying it was worried about creating less than stellar 3D conversions to damage the Harry Potter franchise, when it was confirmed that it'll be going back to films that never had any intention of being in 3D and converting them anyway.

Say goodbye to Harry Potter 3D

Because of its inability to convert the latest Harry Potter movie into a worthwhile 3D presentation, Warner Bros will now only release the first part of The Deathly Hallows in boring 2D.

Is 3D dying or maturing?

The 3D craze may have slowed to a virtual crawl, but one industry expert says the medium is evolving - not dying.