JK Rowling Will Return With the Silkworm

After the incredible success of Harry Potter, JK Rowling could write practically anything and command huge money for it. But every artist wants to be recognized for new work, and not ride on the laurels of their past, at least not if they can help it.

From Harry Potter to Day of the Triffids

While a lot of people today may find the idea of a movie about killer plants silly, Day of the Triffids is still a beloved genre story to this day, as well as a well recognized title, which means, of course, it’s going to be remade. But instead of hiring some hack to helm it, an interesting helmer is onboard: Mike Newell of Harry Potter fame.

Harry Potter's Heading to the Stage

Although the final Harry Potter book and movie are long past us, you knew the franchise would still continue somehow. In fact, Warner Brothers will keep the Hogwarts gang going for a while with the Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, and now reports are telling us Harry Potter’s hitting the stage as well.

JK Rowling Speaks

The news just broke that JK Rowling is returning to the world of Harry Potter, but it won’t be a resurrection of Harry. It takes place “in the world,” as we geeks like to say, but it’s a spin off. In fact, to explain it all, Rowling just released a statement, promising what’s in store for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

JK Rowling Going Back to the World of Harry Potter

When the last Harry Potter book came out, that was it for the franchise. The series was done, over, kaput. We all knew this, and there was no way of bringing it back. Or was there? 

The Next Harry Potter?

Everybody in the entertainment business wants non-stop hits. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every movie was a Star Wars, or every book a Harry Potter? In the latter case, now that the Harry Potter series is done, there’s still a need to fill the void, but a phenomenon like that doesn’t grow on trees.

Pacific Rim is a Big Hit in China

We just reported on TGD that there may indeed be a sequel to Pacific Rim, but it’s all contingent on how the movie does in China. The American film market greatly depends on the Chinese box office, because movies cost so much these days, you can’t break even without a big world-wide take.

Scientists build an uber-thin invisibility cloak

Invisibility cloaks proposed by modern day scientists are still typically fairly bulky contraptions – which poses an obvious issue for those interested in designing Harry Potter-style applications.

From Harry Potter to Frankenstein

No matter how much you loved Harry Potter, the fans all knew that unlike Star Wars, the saga was going to end one day, and end for good.

Who will be crowned king of the nerds?

Since I’ve always had such a vast knowledge of totally useless trivia, many people have told me I should have gone on the game show Beat the Geeks, but geek is not a label I’d permanently want on my epitaph.

$600 Harry Potter (book) box set due this December

No, J.K. Rowling isn't writing another Harry Potter book, although she’s been trying to make it in the adult book world with her recent novel A Casual Vacancy.

Are there too many Hunger Games out there?

No, we’re not saying three Hunger Games books, or four Hunger Games movies, are too much.

The wonderful sci-fi art of John Berkey

I've loved poster art all my life, and when I wrote a story years ago about poster artists, I went on a long search to discover who drew my favorite works of all time.

From John Carter to Tarzan

Even though Hollywood often seems like it is out of ideas, there are still plenty of franchises in the vaults waiting to be reborn, and then rebooted a scant 10 years later.

On Guillermo Del Toro and Harry Potter

For any big movie, there's always going to be a ton of potential names being thrown around to potentially direct.

Harry Potter vs. Fifty Shades of Gray!?

You’d never think of reading about Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Gray in the same sentence, but there is one important similarity that shouldn't be overlooked.

Massive Potter box gets detailed

Warner Bros. has posted a video detailing its upcoming Harry Potter Wizard's Collection DVD/Blu-ray collector's box.

Why Battle Royale won't work as a TV show

I’m a big fan of Battle Royale and can't help but find it amusing that Hollywood tried to bring the film back just as Hunger Games was hitting theaters.

Hunger Games may lose to Fifty Shades of Grey

You’ve got to be fairly tough to win in The Hunger Games, but the franchise may have to soon accept defeat, at least as a best-seller. 

JK Rowling keeps it low-key

Often times a publicist or promotional team won't put much effort into pushing something unless it's going to be really big, which means it probably doesn't need a massive PR campaign to begin with.