Marching towards The Expendables 3

Every time I see a coming attraction or an ad for The Expendables, I chuckle a little because to me it's like an action version of The Love Boat.

Roberto Orci talks Ender's Game

Aside from The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus, it's hard to think of a genre movie that's more anticipated than the big screen adaptation of Ender's Game, originally written by Orson Scott Card.

On Robocop and Revolution

Recently, rumors were running rampant that Russell Crowe was up for the lead in the remake of Robocop.

Ender’s Game heads to New Orleans

The cast and crew of Ender’s Game are heading to New Orleans where production of the long-awaited sci-fi film is about to kick off.

No, Harrison Ford won't revisit Blade Runner

Rumors of Harrison Ford returning for another Blade Runner film spread like wildfire across the 'Net over the past few days, but were doused almost as quickly. 

Harrison Ford may appear in new Blade Runner

It’s been almost a year since we learned about the new Blade Runner film, which will be produced and directed by the creator of the original: the one and only Ridley Scott.

Ender's Game is on track

Casting for the the long-awaited Ender's Game sci-fi film seems like it is finally drawing to a close.

Ender’s Game cast finalized

We’ve been hearing rumors and negotiations for months, but now the cast for the upcoming Ender’s Game adaptation is locked in, and it looks great, especially for a small studio with a small budget.

Harrison Ford could command Ender’s Game

Asa Butterfield confirmed last night on Twitter that he has accepted the role of Ender Wiggin in the upcoming Ender’s Game adaptation.

Ridley Scott is back for more Blade Runner

Ridley Scott has confirmed that he will be producing and directing a new Blade Runner movie for Alcon Entertainment.

Harrison Ford vs. the Smurfs with some help from Coco

There’s a million things Harrison Ford would rather do than give interviews, like stick hot bamboo slivers under his fingernails, especially when the subject is Star Wars.

A wild dispatch from the Empire

There are certain people in the geek community whose jobs you would absolutely love to have.

Does Harrison Ford hate Star Wars?

Watching an interview with Harrison Ford is like watching George Lucas's first feature film, THX-1138. You practically have to stab yourself with a pin to keep awake. 

Where is the Star Wars Holiday Special?

With a Star Wars series in the works, the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special is sure to come up again, just like a bad acid flashback.