Is the Next Star Wars Looking For Newcomers?

Once again, here with are with a new batch of Star Wars rumors and these have to do with the casting and the potential release date. We just reported on TGD that JJ Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy are trying to get an extension on finishing the movie and getting a 2016 release date, but apparently Disney is insisting the next Star Wars must come out in 2015.

The Best of Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford’s geek cred never needs to be explained. The guy Han Solo and Indiana Jones, what else do you need to know? And with Ender’s Game, he’s back in a sci-fi story he’s very proud to be a part of. 

Ben Kingsley Puts His Game Face On For Ender's Game

Ender’s Game is now finally out in the world, and one of the best images from the film is Ben Kingsley’s tattooed face, and Kingsley recently spoke out about why his character wears it.

Will Harrison Ford Be in For the Long Haul on Star Wars?

It’s been reported that Harrison Ford, along with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, will be returning for the next Star Wars film, which is due to arrive in 2015. But could Ford be back for more Star Wars stories as well?  

Reviews For Ender's Game Are In

We at TGD have been following the developments of Ender’s Game very closely. It’s one of the most popular sci-fi books of the last thirty years, and a movie adaptation has been a long time coming. Now the reviews are in. The verdict?

Harrison Ford on the Eve of Ender's Game

Harrison Ford isn’t the most outgoing or enthusiastic person on the planet, and you get the impression he’d rather get a root canal than talk to the press. So the fact that he’s doing interviews for Ender’s Game tells us that he could indeed be very behind this movie, and that it really could be a winner.

Ender's Game Box Office Predictions

Sure Orson Scott Card, the author of Ender’s Game, has been shooting his mouth off like a fool lately.  But Ender’s Game is one of the most beloved novels in sci-fi, and fans have been salivating for the movie adaptation for years.

Could Harrison Ford Be Back For Blade Runner 2?

There have been rumors of another Blade Runner movie for quite some time, and while we wouldn’t be surprised if Ridley Scott directs another installment to the classic Philip K Dick story, we’ve been very dubious about another rumor going around that claims Harrison Ford may be returning.  

Enders Game Author Puts His Foot In It (Again!)

There’s little doubt that Ender’s Game is going to be one of the biggest movies of the fall. It’s a beloved sci-fi novel that’s had a loyal following for many years, and the fans have been anticipating a movie adaptation for a long time.

Ender's Game Author Under Fire

While this has been a very turbulent summer for blockbusters, Ender’s Game, which is coming in November, is one of the most anticipated genre films in recent memory. Except there’s a potentially big controversy brewing because of homophobic comments made by the book’s author Orson Scott Card.

Ender's Game trailer about to drop

Harrison Ford is not what you’d call an excitable guy. Actually, a lot of times when you see him in interviews, you wonder how soon he’ll nod off and fall asleep.

Anticipating Ender's Game

This summer we have two highly anticipated genre films that the fans have been waiting for forever: Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3.

Ender's Game trailer hits along with Star Trek Into Darkness

It’s one of the most anticipated science fiction franchises to come along in years, and even the mose serious entertainment reporter can’t help but geek out about Ender’s Game.

Star Wars secrets revealed?

I often joke that the internet is a peerless source of accurate information because in many cases, it’s really anything goes.

Hamill, Ford and Fisher back for next Star Wars movie

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know JJ Abrams is going to direct the next Star Wars movie, which is due to hit theaters in 2015.

Will the Next Star Wars film be a family affair?

In recent days, rumors have been circulating that the original stars of Star Wars, namely Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and especially Harrison Ford, are planning to come back for the upcoming film.

Is Harrison Ford officially back as Han Solo?

When the news broke that there would be more new Star Wars movies, it was quite a bombshell.

Ender's Game plot details are in the wild

Summit Entertainment has posted the synopsis for its upcoming sci-fi adaptation.

Carrie Fisher says she is returning to Star Wars

Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo) may be mulling a return to the Star Wars universe, but Carrie Fisher says she has already decided to reprise her role as the lovely Princess Leia.

Harrison Ford eyes Star Wars episode seven

No, this story was not first reported on a parody site, although the thought of Harrison Ford coming back to Star Wars is…well, words escape us on this one.