Buffalo Tech debuts USB 3 external HDD

Transfers 625 MB per second

Report: Core i7-based iMacs are showing up DOA

Unbootable with cracked screens

ATI avoids cooking itself. By throttling stuff

Denies 5970 thermal overclocking issues

OCZ to show off USB 3.0 solid state drive

Ten times transfer rate of USB 2.0

Modded Sony UMPC runs four operating systems?

Windows 7 and Mac OS X

Drobo gets bigger, more expensive

Beyond Raid gets eSATA support

Nvidia accelerates GPU pixel processing

Optimizes texture rendering

Weekly hardware roundup

Phenom II overclocking and Fermi Tesla GPUs

ATI reveals Radeon 5970 overlocking details

Hybrid approach wins out

Nvidia auctions "ultimate" gaming system on eBay

2x GTX 295 SLI, Core i7 975 Extreme and 12GB DDR3

Pinky Pogoplug USB thing is very perky

Plug and play

Dell disappoints despite chip up-tick

Is its strategy right?

Hacker restores Atom support for Snow Leopard netbooks

Who's got the crack?

Want to write for TG Daily?

Have fun, and learn the writing game

Gaming hardware to hit $27 billion next year

Outlook is up, up up

AMD in Xbox, Wii giveaway

Forty years after

Nvidia and Asus tout 3D Vision notebook

A stereoscopic experience at 120Hz

Apple laptops less reliable than Asus, Toshiba, Sony

Price no guarantee of quality

AMD debuts ATI Radeon 5970 GPU

Unlocked and overclocked

Nvidia showcases Fermi-based Tesla GPUs

2.5 TFlops of raw compute power