CompuLab showcases 13 ounce mini-PC

Introducing the Atom-based Fit-PC2i

Team creates better artificial vision system

Using gaming hardware

AMD teams up with SiSoft on OpenCL benchmark

Sandra, where are you?

Micron accelerates SSD performance with C300 drives

Supports SATA 6Gb/s interface

Intel debuts 48-core processor

Intel has debuted an experimental 48-core processor that could help revolutionize the future design of laptops, PCs and servers. Indeed, the next-generation chip boasts approximately 10 to 20 times the processing engines found inside today's most popular Intel Core-branded CPUs.

Acer will be first with Chrome OS netbook

Diamond geezers

Dell sells factory to Foxconn

"Best value to customers" tale

Cambridge debuts Suma 3D controller

Squeezable user-interface technology

Indian government blocks millions of phones

In light of terror threat

Samsung claims breakthrough in NAND flash memory

Oh ye nanometer, how small can ye get?

Chip sales soared in October

Memory chips do well. Windows 7, anyone?

Intel takes on AMD at the cheap end

Leaked roadmap shows 2010 plans

Rumor: Gulftown CPU to power Mac Pros in 2010

24 logical cores

Weekly hardware roundup

Hot mods and DOA iMacs

DRAM prices slump as supplies strengthen

DRAMatic 15 percent drop

Japanese firm launches dual screen notebook

Double vision

Sony pins its hopes on 3D TVs

Headaches ahead

Robot exhibition opens in Tokyo

Making us all redundant

Conventional fabs can make optical chips

MIT talks turkey to manufacturers

The Intel Itanium is tottering towards death, analyst reckons

Abandon ship all ye who enter here