Google experiments with ultra high-speed broadband

Google has announced plans to build and test a number of ultra high-speed broadband networks across the United States.

Microsoft says Windows 7 does not ruin notebook batteries

Microsoft has vehemently rebuffed claims that its Windows 7 operating system is responsible for causing the alleged and rapid degradation of notebook batteries. 

Nvidia introduces Optimus technology for notebooks

Nvidia has introduced an intelligent switching technology for notebook PCs that automatically selects the optimal graphics processor for running a specific application.

IBM graphene chip outperforms silicon

IBM has developed the world's fastest graphene transistor, which outperforms traditional silicon.

Researcher cracks "unhackable" Infineon chip

A security researcher has reportedly managed to crack the “unhackable” Infineon SLE 66 CL PE chip. The nearly ubiquitous Infineon is typically found in computers, gaming systems, identity cards and various electronic devices.

Microsoft investigates Windows 7 battery glitches

Microsoft has kicked off an investigation into reports of various notebook battery "issues" plaguing a number of Windows 7 users.

The iPad Wall: when one status symbol simply isn't enough

"Typical television walls are just 'so yesterday'", according to Australian architects' firm Clarke Hopkins Clarke.

'Modem hacker' caught after advertising blitz

A Connecticut man faces up to 40 years in jail after trying to sell illegally-modified cable modems to the FBI.

Rubber sheets could power cellphones and pacemakers

A new power-generating rubber material could use natural body movements such as breathing and walking to power pacemakers, mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Ortery launches 3D photocopier

Ortery Technologies is now shipping what it claims is the world's first 3D scanner, bringing new realism to pictures of people's butts at the office party.

Tegra talked out of CES finals

Despite his powerful gift of the gab, Nvidia’s Roy Taylor fell just short of winning CES’s prestigious “Last Gadget Standing” award for the firm’s sleek looking Tegra Tablet on Friday, as D-Link’s Boxee Box and Showwx’s Laser Pico Projector took joint first place.

Keep on, keep on taking the tablets

Shivering in a UK county that's only two degrees Celsius colder than the South Pole, I'm beginning to think that on the whole I'd rather be in Las Vegas.

Lady Gaga gets job for Polaroid

Polaroid said it has signed a deal with singer Lady Gaga. She'll be the creative director for specialist Polaroid imaging products.

Samsung goes for OLED displays at CES show

Giant Korean company Samsung is set to introduce a number of next generation OLED displays at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Vendors to push DDR3 this year

Manufacturers of DRAM are making aggressive attempts to ensure that DDR3 memory will be the mainstream memory this year.  

Robot hummingbird could find earthquake victims

The latest member of TGD's virtual menagerie is a robot hummingbird, designed to find people trapped in collapsed buildings, track down criminals, or even explore other planets.

Weekly hardware roundup

48-core processors and a 13 ounce mini-PC

Gmail keypad spotted in the wild

Introducing the 19 button "Gboard"

Apple upgrades Mac Pro with 3.33GHz quad-core Xeon

A $1,200 performance increase

Acer beats up Dell in PC market share

The giant slips to number three position