LCD makers have a heart of glass

Displaysearch produced an analysis of TFT LCD screens showing a breakdown of panels on different fab generations.

Samsung releases video wall system

Korean electronics giant Samsung said it has released what it describes as an interactive video wall.

Nvidia’s boss aims for computing hegemony

Analysis The CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, is a pugnacious guy who isn’t without charisma.

The Big Peddie endorses Xeno Pro network gaming card

 Jon Peddie Research has apparently endorsed the Xeno Pro network gaming card designed by Bigfoot Networks Killer. According to Peddie, the Xeno Pro offers improved online performance by significantly reducing network latency. 

Moore’s Law to die at 18 nm, analysts predict

iSuppli most certainly will initiate yet another discussion whether Moore’s Law, a forecast made by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit will double every 18 – 24 months, can be upheld in the future. The market research firm believes chip makers will crash into financial barriers as soon as the 20 nm mark is passed.

Never get lost in the wastes again

Satnav firm Garmin said it introduced two devices that mean when you take a ramble down a difficult pass and get lost you won't have three helicopters and hundreds of people trying to track you down.

Nvidia targets mobile market with Windows 7 optimized GPUs

Nvidia has introduced five GPUs for the mobile market. The processors are based on a new 40-nm manufacturing process and include 512MB to 1GB of on-board memory. In addition, the Windows 7 optimized chips reportedly offer "up to twice the performance" and longer battery life with "half the power."

Toshiba on track for 16nm process

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba is heralding the return of germanium in a new semiconductor process that promises to be viable at 16nm - roughly half the size of today's state of the art technology.

Robot ferret seeks out contraband

A new robot under development will be the first screening device to detect drugs, weapons, explosives and illegal immigrants concealed in cargo containers.

Intel to refresh CPUs in second half

Chip giant Intel will release a 3.2GHz Core i7 960 microprocessor in the second half of this year.

IBM scientists get a step closer to nanoscale computing

IBM scientists have been able to measure the charge state of an atom using noncontact atomic force microscopy, opening up new possibilities in molecular electronics.

Taiwan Memory peers at Japanese Elpida

The company set up to rescue Taiwan's local memory manufacturers is considering taking a 10 percent stake in Japanese firm Elpida.

Big Blue gets on track in China

IBM has opened a new Global Rail Innovation Center in China aimed at bringing together industry leaders, researchers and universities to develop next-generation rail systems.

Adobe Flash player to get GPU acceleration

Adobe and Nvidia announced to support GPU video and graphics acceleration for the Flash player running on “a wide range of mobile Internet devices, including netbooks, tablets, mobile phones and other on-the-go media devices.”

Intel displays its Achilles' Heel

Analysis - Things go up and things go down in the battle between AMD and Intel - two companies that are joined at the hip, if not the heel.

HP goes for high performance computing

Hewlett Packard has introduced an extreme scale-out portfolio aimed at businesses involved in Web 2.0, cloud and high-performance computing. According to HP, the modular ExSO could help clients save more than $152.8 million in reduced capital expenditures and $13.7 million in energy costs.

SEC approves merger of GameStop and Electronics Boutique

US retailers GameStop and Electronics Boutique have cleared another hurdle in their bid to merge following the approval of the deal by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. US retailers GameStop and Electronics Boutique have cleared another hurdle in their bid to merge following the approval of the deal by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The companies announced that the proposed merger had been "declared effective" yesterday and share prices rose steeply as a result.

ASUS A7M266-D Dual Athlon Motherboard

For those of you who think that two processors are better than one, ASUS just announced the release of the A7M266-D socket A motherboard with dual Athlon MP processor support.