Mac clone company Psystar back online

Psystar, currently under legal fire by Apple and bankruptcy proceedings, is selling computers again, including a not so cheap Core i7 enthusiast system.

Chip sales rose in May

Sales of semiconductors worldwide rose by 5.4 percent in May, compared to the previous month.

Dell tries to avoid paying up in LCD snafu

Dell is trying to appease Taiwanese consumers threatening legal action over a pricing mistake.

Apple fixes cracked screens in house

Apple has issued gear to its retail stores that can fix the problem of cracked screens.

Ultra-thin batteries can be printed out

German scientists have created batteries so thin that they can be printed out, and reckon they'll be doing it on a commercial scale by the end of the year.

HP announces AMD 6- and 12-core workstations

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is the first major workstation vendor to announce systems that can be ordered with AMD’s monolithic 6-core Opteron 2400-series processors, previously code-named Istanbul. With up to 12 cores, HP’s workstation is an option to Intel Nehalem-based DP workstations.

Micron puts 34 nm flash memory into mass production

We may be seeing the next capacity jump in memory cards soon, as Micron today announced that it has begun mass production of 34 nm NAND flash memory chips, resulting in 16 Gb and 32 Gb devices that should pave the way to 16 GB mainstream cards as well as 64 GB cards on the high end. 

AMD releases a processor you can’t buy

AMD has released the mysterious Phenom II X4 42 Black Edition TWKR processor, which is, according to the company, the most capable processor desktop CPU offered by the company. In fact, the CPU is so special and rare that you can’t buy it. If you are a famous overclocker you are almost certain to get a free sample and you may have a chance to get your hands on it if you say ‘please, please’ and promise to spend all your time on overclocking it. Otherwise, your best bet may be Ebay – and it will be expensive as there are less than 100 chips available.

Maine orders 64,000 MacBooks for high school students

The state of Maine has reportedly ordered more than 64,000 shiny MacBooks for high school students. An additional 7,000 laptops are expected to be purchased within the next few weeks.

Carbon rings could deliver storage breakthrough

Magnetic media has a couple of rather annoying properties. Not only are the particles used to store data pretty much at the minimum practical size, but they can also spontaneously reverse their magnetic state.

Teardown reveals thin profit margin on Mac Mini

 Apple may rake in stunning profits on its iPods and iPhones, but as far as computers are concerned, the company cannot break out of the common price pressure that dominates the market these days. According to iSuppli, Apple spends 62% of the retail price of the Mac Mini just on hardware, which makes the device much less attractive than Apple’s gadgets, at least from a financial perspective.

TSMC boosts 130nm range

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has released an enhanced version of its 130nm process to enable improved power management.

Samsung moves ARM to 45nm

Samsung has produced the first ARM11-based processor using its 45nm CMOS process.

First quantum processor created

A team led by Yale researchers has created the first rudimentary solid-state quantum processor, a major step in the quest to build a quantum computer.

Apple shows more interest in Imagination

British firm Imagination Technologies said that Apple has bought more shares in the company.

Dyson develops world's fastest motor

Dyson has developed a motor that it says spins ten times faster than the engine of a Boeing 747 aircraft - and the company's putting it in vacuum cleaners.

From Charles Babbage to Atari: A visit to the Computer History Museum

TG Daily was recently invited to attend Intel Research Day at the venerable Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Although the company showcased a number of innovative products, I was inexplicably drawn to the museum's inner sanctum where once-precious artifacts from an ancient era were carefully preserved.

Price rises loom on notebook, monitor glass shortage

A shortage of glass substrate used to make TFT LCD panels means prices continue  to climb on products using them, well into July.

AMD man calls for notebook battery life transparency

A man from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has praised the iPhone 3G S to the heavens and Apple for being upfront about battery life.

Intel's Chinese fab to use 65 nanometer tech

The fabrication plant Intel is building at Dalian in China will start operation in 2010, but it won't be using cutting edge process technology.