Indian peripherals market declines

India's peripherals sector slumped over the last year, according to the body representing the country's IT hardware, training and R&D services sectors, MAIT.

Nanoscale laser promises faster communications

The creation of the world's thinnest semiconductor laser has opened up the possibility of significant improvements in computing performance.

Researchers claim breakthrough in LED technology

A new, highly-efficient light source has been developed that could one day replace incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.

Global Foundries scores win from ST Microelectronics

Global Foundries has struck what it coyly describes as "a strategic customer engagement" with spun-off AMD chip business Global Foundries.

Intel delays Pine Trail-M - report

Big manufacturers of netbooks including Asustek and Acer are to delay the introduction of new models in the second half of this year because Intel is delaying the launch of the Pine Trail-M platform, according to a report.

AMD eats into Nvidia, Intel graphics market share

The results are out for graphics shipments and market share in the second quarter of 2009 and AMD appears to rule the roost.

WD debuts 1TB 2.5 inch HDD

Western Digital has two new 2.5 inch mobile hard drives that should satisfy even the most profligate laptop user.

Globalfoundries starts construction of $4.2 billion fab

Globalfoundries has officially broken ground on the construction of Fab 2, a new semiconductor manufacturing facility located at the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Saratoga County, New York.

Wal-Mart offers $298 laptop

Wal-Mart looks likely to shake up the laptop industry after striking a deal with HP.

SOI could chop $800 billion from US power bills

The SOI Industry Consortium (SOIC) has launched SOI Simply Greener, an initiative encouraging broader application of the energy saving benefits of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology by the electronics industry.

Intel lowers SSD prices with 34nm manufacturing process

Intel has adopted a "more advanced" 34-nanometer (nm) manufacturing process for its NAND flash-based Solid State Drive (SSD) product line. The move to 34nm is expected to lower SSD prices by up to 60 percent due to a reduced die size and advanced engineering design.

Brit tricksters do the monster mash

German police have arrested one of two British men suspected of selling potatoes to gullible locals who believed they were getting laptops and mobile phones.

Big Blue readies Power7 Unix servers

IBM is planning to ship new Unix servers using next-generation Power7 processors.

Chip market to rebound in second half

Market watcher iSuppli says the chip market will begin a recover in the second half of the year as stockpiled parts in the supply chain are used up.

Irish eyes not smiling at Intel

Despite the fact that it published pretty good financial results last week, chip maker Intel has been telling its Irish staff that there is little demand for the products they are making.

Graphics market has worst ever year

Sales of graphics chips in 2009 are the worst ever - worse even than when the dotcom bubble went pop.

Dell down but netbook sales save PC day

There is light at the end of the PC funnel, according to figures released by IDC for the worldwide market. But PC giant Dell is suffering because the commercial sector just isn't buying.

Semiconductor equipment sales to plummet 52 percent in '09

Semiconductor equipment sales are expected to plummet 52 percent in 2009. According to SEMI Capital Equipment Forecast, the latest decline follows a 31 percent market contraction recorded in 2008.

PC shipments fall for first time in years

For the first time since the dotcom bust of 2001, PC  shipments are falling this year, due to a combination of declining IT spending and plunging sales of desktop computers.

Globalfoundries prepares to "do more with less"

Globalfoundries has claimed that its future Fab 2 facility will allow the company "do more with less." The fantastic fab - scheduled to be built in upstate NY - is expected to eliminate waste, reduce production time and lower inventory costs.