We will be faster than ATI, claims Nvidia

Nvidia thinks that its new cards are more powerful that similar efforts by ATI (AMD).

HP DreamScreen screens your friends at home

Hewlett Packard has introduced a range of wireless and wired connected screens to show photos and play music around your home.

Super Talent uncorks storage bottleneck with RAID SSDs

Super Talent Technology has confirmed that it will be shipping the first PCI Express RAIDDrive SSDs in early October. A company spokesperson told TG Daily that RAIDDrive was designed to break the throughput bottleneck in the storage subsystem by removing the bandwidth limitation of the SATA bus.

Seagate upgrades network docking station for FreeAgent hard drives

Seagate has introduced a retrofitted docking station that allows users to easily access and share digital content stored on FreeAgent Go portable hard drives. According to Seagate, the FreeAgent DockStar network adapter "reinvents" the concept of remote access and file sharing.

Intel has ambitious plans for i5, i7 CPUs

It looks as though Intel wants to ship a million Lynnfield Core i5 and Core i7 microprocessors by the end of this year, according to a report.

ARM 2GHz chip design has dual core legs

British chip design firm ARM said it has developed two Cortex-A9 implementations to take advantage of TSMC's 40 nanometer process which will deliver clock speeds faster than 2GHz.

AMD introduces $100 quad-core processor

AMD has introduced a quad-core processor with a $100 price tag. The Athlon II X4 620 is based on 45nm processor architecture and fully optimized for Windows 7.

Oracle and Sun showcase 'world's fastest' database machine

Oracle and Sun have introduced the "world's first" online transaction processing (OLTP) database machine. According to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, Exadata 2 is the "fastest machine" for both data warehousing and online transaction processing.

IBM SOCs it to 'em with high performance chip

Big Blue claimed it has created the highest performance throughput microprocessor system on a chip (SOC) device aimed at the comms, storage, consumer, defense and aerospace markets.

Boinggg... military robot jumps 25 feet high

A new military robot has been developed in the US that can hop 25 feet high.

HP debuts aluminum notebooks - at a price

HP has launched three new notebooks less than an inch thick including two new models in the high-end Envy range featuring aluminum and magnesium construction.

Microprocessor diversity threatens X86 hegemony

Intel has managed to expand its lead in the struggling global microprocessor sector by capturing 80.6 percent of the segment's revenue during the second quarter of 2009. However, the company's traditional X86 hegemony is soon be threatened by an increasingly diverse microprocessor market.

SanDisk gets speedy with faster flash cards

Memory company SanDisk said it has introduced a range of Extreme Pro CompactFlash memory cards with faster read and write speeds than before.

Intel sampling Jasper Forest chips with built-in I/O hub

Chip giant Intel has started sampling the latest iteration of its Nehalem processors, codenamed Jasper Forest.

Intel's Pat Gelsinger leaves for EMC

UPDATED: A report said that Pat Gelsinger, a senior vice president at the Intel Corporation, is to leave the company after 30 years in harness to join storage company EMC.

Slideshow: AMD previews next-gen gaming

As TG Daily previously reported, AMD showcased its next-generation technology during a recent media event on the USS Hornet in Alameda, California. A number of rigs, projectors, laptops, components and games were displayed - including a 24-screen flight simulator and a Simcraft racing system powered by Eyefinity.

AMD showcases Eyefinity multi-display technology

AMD showcased its Eyefinity multi-display technology during a media event on the USS Hornet in Alameda, California. Eyefinity - which is powered by a single, next-generation ATI graphics card - allows users to connect up to six HD displays to one PC.

Dell lures with slimmer than slim Adamo

Hardware giant Dell is teasing you about the next version of its ultra slim notebook, the Adamo.

Channel thinks Windows 7 won't help a lot

Inventories in the computer channel are still very low and dealers and distributors are holding out little hope of things being given a kick by the introduction of Windows 7.

AMD launches Tigris and Congo notebook platforms

AMD has introduced a "mainstream" notebook platform designed to provide improved performance for multimedia applications and 3D gaming. Tigris - which has already been adopted by 8 OEMs - supports full 1080p HD playback and offers up to 25 percent longer battery life (55+ minutes) than previous AMD mobile platforms.