Intel thinks it has a sense of humor

Chip giant Intel has a new advert. Anyone get the joke?

Acer claims it will knock Dell off pole position

Taiwanese manufacturer Acer claims that in the next two quarters it will beat Dell and become the world's biggest PC manufacturer.

Atom microarchitecture buoys Intel revenue

Intel has reported "strong" third-quarter results despite the global economic recession. According to Intel CEO Paul Otellini, Atom microarchitecture revenue increased by 15 percent from the second-quarter to $415 million.

SanDisk ships 64 Gigabit X4 Flash memory cards

SanDisk has begun shipping 64 Gigabit X4 Flash memory cards. The new cards, which are based on 43-nanometer (nm) process technology, store four bits of data in a single memory cell.

Sun and Fujitsu upgrade SPARC processor

Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu have introduced an advanced line of quad-core SPARC64 VII processors. The retooled chips - which run at 2.53GHz and 2.88GHz - reportedly deliver up to 25 percent "better performance" than previous processors.

Dell plays coy with anorexic notebook

You might need to squint to see it: Dell is readying a laptop less than a centimeter thick.

HP rolls out notebooks: Hails Windows 7

Hewlett Packard said it released two notebooks and a desktop as the spearhead of further introductions aimed at encouraging businesses to upgrade.

Larry Ellison endorses SPARC, criticizes IBM's Power architecture

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has criticized IBM's Power architecture. According to Ellison, Oracle and Sun recently routed Big Blue in an OLTP (online transaction processing) speed test.

Sun: Oracle is "committed" to SPARC architecture

Sun Chairman Scott McNealy has confirmed that Oracle will continue to develop SPARC architecture. According to McNealy, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has also pledged his support for Solaris, Java and Open Source. 

Robot security: the next threat

Researchers at the University of Washington warn that most robotic software is not secure.

Nvidia accuses Intel of 'improper claims,' pulls out of chipset development

Nvidia says it is "postponing" further chipset investments for Intel DMI CPUs. However, the GPU company will continue to "innovate integrated solutions" for Intel's FSB architecture.

Gateway takes on Apple's iMac

Gateway has taken on Apple's iMac with its multi-touch, all-in-one (AIO) desktop. The ZX - which resembles a sleek, flat-panel TV - is expected to offer PC users an "entirely new computing experience."

Intel: Xeon 5500 servers are "cash machines"

Former Intel CTO Pat Gelsinger once predicted that Nehalem-based Xeon 5500 servers would act as "cash machines" for the IT industry. Although Pat recently left the company to pursue other opportunities at EMC, his description of the 5500 was validated during a briefing in San Francisco.

Chip foundries for the chop, says iSuppli

The number of chip foundries worldwide is likely to be reduced to just three, according to iSuppli.

ARM, Globalfoundries sign strategic partnership

As reported here exclusively a couple of weeks ago, AMD spinoff Globalfoundries has definitely signed a deal with ARM.

Super Talent and Toshiba encrypt SATA SSDs

Super Talent Technology and Toshiba have unveiled a line of encrypted SATA SSDs. According to Super Talent spokesperson Joe James, the UltraDrive DX employs a dual-security layer to thwart the unauthorized transfer of data.

Psystar screws Apple with virtualization licensing program

Psystar has confirmed that it will begin certifying OEM hardware to expedite the licensing of its OS X virtualization technology. The technology - which is "specifically" engineered for Snow Leopard - will reportedly allow the "seamless operation" of the popular Mac OS on generic Intel hardware.

Google leaks Apple's October Mac lineup: Mighty Mouse!

Google Ad Sense has inadvertently leaked Apple's new Mac lineup. The Netherlands-based ads - which were displayed on over the weekend - reportedly directed eager shoppers to non-existent Apple Store web pages.

Slideshow: Nvidia showcases next-generation GPU architecture

As TG Daily previously reported, Nvidia showcased its next-generation Fermi architecture during the 2009 GPU Conference in San Jose, California.

Nvidia: Fermi demo board was "engineering" prototype

Nvidia has clarified that its next-generation Fermi board showcased at the GPU conference keynote and subsequent Q&A session was an "engineering prototype." The official clarification came just hours after various websites claimed that the board had been faked.