World's largest supercomputer starts work

The world's largest supercomputer, dubbed Roadrunner, has gone online, and is starting with a terribly simple little task - modelling the composition of the universe.

MSI plans Tegra e-book, talks up notebook shipments

MSI chairman Joseph Hsu let slip that the company is currently working on an Nvidia Tegra-based e-book reader, but details won't be released until sometime in the first half of next year.

Large area TFT-LCDs continue to grow

The September shipments of large area TFT-LCD panels hit 52 million units, an augury of better times ahead.

Kingston accelerates Windows with 40GB SSD

Kingston has introduced a bootable 40GB SSD drive. According to company spokesperson David Leong, the SSDNow V drive is "aimed primarily" at desktop users as a "performance upgrade" for existing systems.

Tilera challenges X86 architecture with 100 core-processor

Tilera has launched an advanced line of TILE-Gx processors that reportedly offer "ten times better" compute efficiency than Intel's next-generation Westmere chip. The processors - fabricated in TSMC's 40 nanometer process - operate at up to 1.50 GHz with power consumption ranging from 10 to 55 watts.

Fuel cells fail to fulfil their promise

Japanese giant Toshiba, long at the forefront of developing fuel cells, said it will sell its first direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) product for mobile products in a limited edition on the 29th of October.

AMD joins Windows 7 launch party

AMD has congratulated Microsoft on the official launch of its long-awaited Windows 7 operating system. According to AMD spokesperson Margaret Lewis, the two industry heavyweights "closely collaborated" on the optimization of both hardware and software for the new OS.

DRAM makers bang DRAM shortage drum again

Manufacturers of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) are attempting to raise the price of modules yet again by predicting shortages of chips this year and next.

Acer introduces Aspire 3D laptop

Acer has introduced an Aspire notebook with 3D viewing capabilities. The 5738DG features a 15.6-inch CineCrystal HD display coated with a special 3D film that clings to the panel pixel by pixel.

ARM multicore chip challenges Intel's hegemony

Microprocessor design company ARM said it has introduced the Cortex A5 MPCore CPU, a low power chip designed to make the internet available on a wide range of devices.

New material increases storage capacity

Through selective doping, North Carolina State University engineers have created a new material that would allow a fingernail-size computer chip to store a terabyte of information.

Nvidia RealityServer moves 3D rendering to the Cloud

Nvidia has introduced an advanced cloud-based server that streams interactive, photorealistic 3D applications to any web connected device.

Apple refreshes iMac lineup with 21.5 and 27-inch displays

Apple has refreshed its iMac lineup with 21.5 and 27-inch widescreen displays. The new iMac line - starting at $1,200 - features a wide range of Intel processors, including the Core 2 Duo, Core i5 and i7 quad-core.

Apple readies Mac refresh

Apple's online stores went offline this morning while several sources report the company is set to introduce a line of additional products to plump up its range.

AMD optimizes Athlon II processors for Windows 7

AMD has rolled out several Athlon II processors which are "fully optimized" for Windows 7. According to AMD spokesperson Brent Barry, the most recent additions to the Athlon II family will allow manufacturers to design a wide range of "sleek" desktop platforms, including all-in-one and small form factor PCs.

Tripping the light fantastic

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania believe that it is now possible to create a nanoscale circuit board which is so sensitive you can power it on light.

Managers admit they can't handle server utilization

As many as 4.7 million servers around the world are doing nothing useful at all, with the vast majority of server managers admitting they don't really grasp server utilization.

Acer Liquid Android has a super screen

The guys at HD Blog it have snagged the specs and some pictures of Acer's Android gizmo.

AMD makes loss, but profits from it

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) reported its third quarter results. It made a profit. Although on paper it made a net loss of $128 million, things are on the up.

Acer beats up Dell on shipments

Gartner and IDC have both concluded that the worldwide PC market is returning to growth, faster than expected.