AMD discovers several Fusion mantras, disses Larrabee

Lone Star Briefings Rick Bergman, general manager of AMD’s product group waxed long about the Fusion family of products today.

AMD: The netbook category is all a bit of a blur

Lone Star Briefings While AMD rolled out its future strategy for notebooks, the conversation turned to categories of PCs.

AMD calls for more realistic notebook benchmarks

Lone Star Briefings Chip firm AMD said here in Austin today that the current model of benchmarks for notebooks, on both speed and battery performance are fatally flawed.

AMD culls Phenoms

Chipmaker AMD has dragged out several of its Phenom II X4 900 series CPUs for a long walk in a Berlin forest after which they will never be seen again.

Maingear Shifts into overdrive with hard-core gaming machine

Maingear has unveiled a personal "supercomputer" for PC gamers and enthusiasts.

ATI HD 5900 spotted in the wild

Rumors that the new HD 5900 series could be just another chip refresh have been knocked on the head.

Gamer hardware to turn war into a game

An outfit that makes 3-D touch controllers for video and computer games has just been recruited by the US Army to make controls for its war droids.

Unidentified bug causes massive CPU spike on 27-inch iMacs

Owners of the recently introduced 27-inch iMac have encountered an unidentified bug that reportedly causes massive spikes in CPU usage.

Nvidia: Our nForce chipsets are "better" than Intel's

Nvidia has claimed that its nForce chipsets are "better" than Intel's. A company spokesperson also criticized the chip manufacturer for allegedly postponing USB 3 introduction until 2011.

Asus introduces Superspeed USB 3.0 mobo

Taiwanese manufacturer Asustek said it has introduced a mobo for PCs that incorporates two USB 3.0 ports.

TSMC yield problem to affect Nvidia, ATI

The Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said it had problems with making chips using its 40 nanometer process and yields are not up to scratch.

Intel, Numonyx trumpet phase change memory breakthrough

Intel and Numonyx say they've achieved a breakthrough in the research of phase change memory (PCM), a non-volatile memory technology bringing together the benefits of a range of different memory types.

Sony Vaio AC adapters recalled in shock scare

Sony has issued a safety recall for AC adapters for its Vaio desktops and docking stations. Around 69,000 of the faulty units are believed to be in use.

Graphics market shows signs of recovery

There are clear signs of recovery in the graphics chip market although there remains some time before sales return to the pre-credit crunch days.

Intel: Windows 7 offers "improved" performance and stability

An Intel spokesperson recently told TG Daily that Microsoft Windows 7 offers "improved performance and stability" compared to Vista and the veteran, yet aging XP operating system.

Control your enthusiasm

Column We were delighted to have reported the fantastic growth of Q3 (21.4% over Q2, 7.3% year-to-year.) That clearly indicated the recession was over for graphics chips, and since they are a predictor of PCs, it forecasts a great holiday season for our desktop and portable companions. It’s also a bellwether of consumer confidence and the improvement in the economy in general -  and take note – it’s the consumer, not IT, that’s leading the recovery.

Army robot does callisthenics

The US Army is ordering bipedal robots that can walk and crawl like a human, in order to test chemical protection clothing.

PC makers muscle in on smartphone market

PC vendors are setting their sights on the booming smartphone market to offset a slump in computer sales.

Shortage of chips threatens LED supplies

Strong demand for LEDs for backlit applications and lighting has created a shortage in the supply chain that will last until the first quarter of 2010.

Aussies reckon Apple's got a tablet e-reader

Everyone who doesn't work for Apple is hoping against hope that the Cupertino company puts us out of our misery soon and tells us whether or not it's going to introduce a tablet computer.