Apple discounts for Black Friday leak

Black Friday for Apple

Phenom II overclockers shatter 7GHz barrier

Heroes of the HPC world

Innolux becomes new LCD giant

Flat panels means fat wallets

Intel claims it's driving supercomputers. Not AMD

And announces Nehalem-EX

AMD powered Jaguar wins supercomputer race

2.3 petaflops of peak performance

Weekly hardware roundup

Analog joystick mouse and crashing Hackintoshes

LucidLogix preps Hydra SoC for early 2010 launch

Redefining multi-GPU gaming

Nvidia CEO says he is "all" Apple

The "best" technology

AMD says Fusion will knock Intel for six. Or five

The graphics bone connected to the CPU zone

Best Buy sells Acer notebook for $250

Not Atom, Celeron

SMIC boss falls on his semiconductor sword

Chang's for the memory

Atom Hackintosh netbooks crash and burn

Snow Leopard infinity loop?

AMD claims TV couch potatoes are dead

Jean-Paul Sartre, gimme a break

Nvidia: Fermi production schedule remains on track

Manufacturing process to kick off in the "next couple of months"

DDR2 "shortage" causes DRAM prices to soar

Hello. Now what was that about DDR3?

NEC glasses translate different languages

Text is beamed onto the retina

OpenOffice debuts analog joystick mouse

18 buttons and 52 key commands

Notebook benchmarks fail to convey performance, price

Lone Star Briefings Death to SysMark, terminate 3Dmark

Nvidia may be moving into X86 market

It looks like graphics chip maker Nvidia is building its own x86 development program using staff from Transmeta.

USB 3 turns into handbag fight between Intel and Nvidia

Intel and Nvidia might not be the best of chums at the moment, but it seems that the USB3  standard is turning into a handbags at dawn fight between them.