Report: Software may be able to take over from hardware in managing caches

MIT research shows that it may be time to let software, rather than hardware, manage the high-speed on-chip memory banks known as "caches."

Self-contained time-lapse rig braves elements from thirty feet

Perspective is a bit hard to grasp in this image, but all of this hardware is mounted thirty feet above the ground. This time-lapse photography box makes use of the sun and a Raspberry Pi to document the goings on. The rig is one of three that were ...

Julie Larson-Green eyed for Xbox hardware role

Julie Larson-Green - currently in charge of Windows at Redmond - is reportedly poised to lead Microsoft's hardware division, including Surface and the lucrative Xbox, the latter of which was only recently vacated by Don Mattrick.

Raspberry Pi camera module goes live

One of the most popular hardware products for modders and DIY enthusiasts is the Raspberry Pi.

Aaeon EPC-CV1 is an Atom-powered single-board computer

Aaeon's EPC-CV1 is powered by an Intel Atom N2600 x86 processor, which is somewhat of a rarity when it comes to single-board computers, as most are equipped with RISC-based ARM chips. 

Claim: Vivante GC4000 rated top mobile GPU for floating-point accuracy

Typically, only hard-core geeks care about benchmarks when it comes to the hardware powering tablets and smartphones. And why not?

Ming Mecca offers analog control of your digital world

A company known as Special Stage Systems has rolled out a rather interesting product that will be sure to appeal to hard-core gamers and hobbyists alike.

Introducing the water-cooled Raspberry Pi

Using water and other liquids like nitrogen to cool an overclocked computer or gaming rig is nothing new.

Google raises a glass to itself

The first Google Glass devices have already started rolling out the developers and tech enthusiasts, but public availability is expected some time next year. 

Dell stands by Windows RT

Although Windows RT is starting to look like a massive flop, Dell doesn’t appear to be ready to jump ship just yet. The company is still working on future generations of Windows RT gear, namely its XPS 10 tablet.

Report: Steve Jobs worked on the iPhone 5S and beyond

I think many people, no matter how they feel about Apple or its products, will agree that Steve Jobs was one of the most influential people in all of the technology industry.

Oracle fails to see the writing on the wall

Oracle has blamed its sales force for its rubbish miss in third-quarter software sales and warned that its ailing hardware business will lose more ground this quarter. It is not clear why Oracle should be suffering. Its sales teams have been boosted over recent months and it should be doing much better.

Intel touts latest Atom-based storage platform

Intel has introduced a new storage platform based on its Atom Media Processor CE5300.

Video: Quadcopters play catch with a big stick

Quadcopters are definitely sweet geek toys, especially when the machines are capable of operating autonomously.

pcDuino is Adruino shield friendly

The pcDuino might look a lot like the Raspberry Pi, but the little white board has some interesting tricks up its sleeve that the Pi lacks.

This mobile workstation is powered by a Raspberry Pi

We've seen the uber-mino Raspberry Pi power a wide variety of DIY projects, including the aptly named Lappi which transformed the popular dev board into a rather bulky laptop.

Silicon Image debuts wireless streaming chip

A company known as Silicon Image has unveiled what it claims to be the industry's first single-chip, ultra-low power 60 GHz WirelessHD mobile transmitter specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

Sweet case mod puts the parts on the outside

Project Inverted is an inside out gaming PC.

Is Surface a prelude to more Microsoft hardware?

It's no surprise that Redmond is aggressively promoting Microsoft-branded hardware in several markets.

32-bit Arduino Due has the power to fly…literally

Arduino Due is perfect for DIY remote-controlled drones and more.