1.15TB notebook drive announced

HGST, or what's left of Hitachi's hard drive business after it was taken over by Western Digital, has come up with the world's most spacious 2.5-inch hard drive.

Heat-based recording speeds hard drives

A new method of recording information to hard drives could increase their speed by hundreds of times.

Fifth Amendment doesn’t cover encrypted hard drives

A federal judge in Denver has ordered a bank-fraud suspect to unlock her encrypted hard drive for prosecutors to peruse.

Playboy hard drive offers erotica to go

Playboy and Bondi are currently selling a portable, 250GB USB hard drive loaded with over 650 issues of the popular erotic magazine.

Toshiba debuts rugged, in-vehicle hard drive

Toshiba has debuted a rugged, 200GB HDD for in-vehicle use. 

Toshiba debuts Canvio portable hard drive lineup

Toshiba has introduced its Canvio portable hard drive product lineup for easy-to-use computer backups.