Hannibal debuts this April

As popular as horror is at the movies, the genre has often had a hard time on TV. Even though The Twilight Zone also had elements of sci-fi and fantasy, the fans had to write to CBS to keep it on the air.

Lance Henriksen set for Hannibal, Gillian Anderson and Gina Torres to appear

Even if you don’t know the name Lance Henriksen you know the face, and you’ve certainly seen him in a number of genre classics.

Gillian Anderson is back in Hannibal

Many genre fans can fondly recall when X-Files was the hottest thing on network television.

The importance of genre casting

I once asked a producer how important casting is for a movie, genre or otherwise, and he told me "It's all you have." 

The Munsters are back on TV... with Hannibal Lecter?!

I often find that people are either a Munsters fan, or an Addams Family fan.