Celebrating Genre Legend Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee has made his mark in horror films with the Hammer movies, sci-fi with Star Wars, and fantasy with the Lord of the Rings series. The man is currently 91 years old, and while he may not be as spry as when he played Dracula back in the late fifties, he’s still actively performing, which is truly remarkable.   

The Woman in Black is set to return

I admit, I never thought that Hammer Films, the classic British horror studio of yore, could ever be resurrected, but never count out the magic of Harry Potter.

Woman in Black trailer has disturbing visions

Daniel Radcliffe, star of the popular Harry Potter film franchise, is taking on the role of Arthur Kripps in Woman in Black - a reimagining of the classic British horror flick.

The black blood of The Hammer Vault

In the 1950’s, horror cinema was still in its infancy, and at the top of that game was Hammer Films.

Genre classics resurrected as graphic novels

Several years ago I began noticing some fascinating synergy in the realm of graphic novels.