John Carpenter's Halloween at 35

I was a little kid when John Carpenter’s Halloween became a phenomenon at the end of the ‘70’s, and like the boogeyman himself, it was the stuff or urban legend, a movie so terrifying, you couldn't help but scream your head off all the way through it.

Low Budget Horror Still Rocks the Box Office

People often wonder why horror films have been so popular lately. One of the big reasons is they’re not expensive to make, which is music to Hollywood’s ears. It’s one big reason a lot of horror films glutted the market after the success of Halloween. When a movie costs $320,000, and makes back $40 million in 1978 money, that grabs people’s attention. 

Raspberry Pi Halloween Effects Door

The Raspberry Pi Powered Halloween Effects Door. This is a video capture during one of the routines. (via Cabe)Backyard haunted houses, carving pumpkins, elaborate decorations, jumping out to scare trick-or-treaters; Halloween is packed with the DIY spirit. People’s desire to be scared or scare others is primal. It’s ...

TG's top horror favorites

When I was asked to compile a fun list of favorite horror films, it was an assignment I greatly welcomed because I love the genre. I’ve been a horror fan since I was a little kid, and as many of us know, it’s a genre you never really outgrow.

John Carpenter's Halloween is back in theaters

With the holiday Halloween around the corner, it only makes sense that John Carpenter's classic Halloween is back in theaters for a limited run.

Halloween: One of horror’s greatest classics is back

Often imitated, never equaled. It’s a phrase we hear all the time, but for the John Carpenter classic Halloween, it’s still true.

Why Tim Burton remade a beloved classic

Whenever a beloved classic is slated to be remade, the outrage from some fans can hit insane levels.

Exorcist, the mini-series?!

True horror fans have been dreading this day, but I guess it was as inevitable as Halloween getting remade.

Do you remember Halloween?

If you're a fan of Halloween, there are obviously a number of classic images from the film that have burned into your mind over the years. 

Friday the 13th gets a boxed set

For some, mad slasher movies are just as much a part of 80's nostalgia as new wave, old school video games and John Hughes flicks.

Study: Halloween makeup contains heavy metals

A study of Halloween makeup has discovered something horrific: there is heavy metal in some of the products, and it isn't the Megadeth or Kiss kind.

Unplugging: Gigantour rocks again with Megadeth's TH1RT3EN

With Halloween swiftly approaching, this week is all about spooks and scares in the world of music. Let MXDWN guide you through the funhouse.

The pros and cons of the new Thing

I definitely have mixed feelings about the upcoming remake of The Thing. Then again, a lot of people felt the same way when the film was first remade by John Carpenter in 1982.

Ghostbusters is coming back for Halloween

Word has been circulating around the 'Net for a while, but now it's confirmed that Columbia will be re-releasing Ghostbusters on October 13, redone in 2K digital and 5.1 surround sound.

The master of horror is back

Like the classic directors he worshipped, John Carpenter's name appeared above the title of his movies, and with the enormous success of Halloween, it paid off in spades.

Angry Birds get festive makeover

Rovio's promising a Christmas edition of Angry Birds, saying it will be offered as a free upgrade to the Halloween version.