Google assists in Boston marathon bombings

In the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombings, Google has deployed its Person Finder tool which combs available records to track down friends or family in the wake of disaster. 

These building are disaster resistant

Call it the Hurricane Sandy Effect - the superstorm that, in the words of Bill McKibben "rang the doorbell of the richest people on Earth" also hit one of the most densely developed regions of the U.S.

A net zero eco village concept for Haiti

Regional bio-mimicry, anyone? A new green housing prototype known as The Coral Reef, designed for the rebuilding of Haiti, makes use of stackable, modular prefab modules to create an undulating, reef-like eco-village.

Social media could have been used more effectively to aid Haiti

Exactly one year after the earthquake that left 230,000 of Haiti's population dead and millions more homeless, researchers are analyzing the effectiveness of various social media tools deployed in the disaster's aftermath.

Google: Healthcare and Haiti dominated 2010 tax search results

An analytics report compiled by Google indicates that topics such as healthcare and the devastating earthquake in Haiti dominated tax-related searches in 2010.

Mobile providers help with Chile earthquake efforts

Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon are all waiving fees and charges for users who want to reach out to victims of the massive earthquake that hit Chile last week. The massively successful text-to-donate campaign during the Haiti disaster has is also back in full swing.