German hackers' drink of choice

It's the beverage of choice for Germany's hacker community thanks to its caffeine buzz that assists with prolonged subversive work online, and now the drink is helping bring together hacktivists around the globe. Club Mate - a fixture among German hackers whose natural caffeine provides a ...

Anon hacktivists target Chicago Police Department

A hacktivist group loosely associated with Anonymous targeted the Chicago Police Department over the weekend as mass protests against NATO spilled over into the digital realm.

Anonymous hacktivists have security industry scared

Well, they will be pleased. Hacktivists such as the Anonymous collective are now the biggest fear keeping security professionals awake at night.

Hacktivists stealing more data than cyberthieves

Hacktivists such as Anonymous will be pleased to hear that they're the biggest security threat to govermnents and companies, accounting for well over half the 174 million user records stolen last year.

Anonymous gets documented at SXSW

A documentary chronicling the rise of the hacktivist collective Anonymous has premiered at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Russia and China accused of cyber espionage

A US government report has accused entities in Russia and China of engaging in cyber espionage to obtain sensitive economic data and technology. 

Are spymasters targeting hacktivists?

With more and more cyber attacks against governments and corporations, there is a growing belief that hackers could be potentially be exploited or actively recruited by various government entities.