Anonymous accuses Sony of lying about PlayStation outage

After four days of outage, PlayStation has said that external hackers are responsible - but the prime suspect, Anonymous, has denied all knowledge and says Sony itself is probably to blame.

Cyberattacks endanger airlines more than terrorism, say experts

Cyberattacks now form the second biggest threat to aviation, according to Australian security researchers.

Hackers hijack medical server to play Black Ops

Some people, if they'd found they were able to break into a medical server containing confidential patient records, might consider blackmail. Not so the hackers of Seacoast Radiology's system - they used it to play Call of Duty: Black Ops instead.

Hacking a smartphone is easier than you think

When we think smartphone, we think: smart. When we think of someone who leaves the front door of their home with piles of financial and personal information laying about, we think: dumb.

PacketWars: Hackers go head-to-head in first ever cyber sport

Is computer hacking a sport? Should it be rewarded with trophies, awards, and maybe even, jobs? A growing trend points to yes.

Cyber-criminals eye fiber tapping as hacking alternative

Cyber-criminals have reportedly begun to consider fiber tapping as a viable alternative to hacking heavily shielded systems.

Security researchers say they can take over a car

A team says it's found ways to hack cars to disable the brakes or lock people inside.

iPhone 2.0 hacked for the first time

A pair of security researchers hijacked the entire SMS database of an iPhone in 20 seconds flat at the CanSecWest Pwn2Own hacking contest in Vancouver yesterday.

Elvis bypasses biometric border control

The world of biometric security managed to get all shook up when a couple of “ethical hackers” managed to get through Amsterdam airport’s border patrol with a passport under the name of Elvis Presley, complete with the hip-shaker’s picture.

No gaming or iPods allowed in space

In space, no one can hear you scream or listen to your iPod.

China closes school for hackers

China has shown just how much it hates hackers with the arrest of three people who were making hacking tools available online.