China's alleged to be behind Korean hack

South Korean investigators have traced back Wednesday's cyber attack that crippled the country's banking system to Chinese servers. Although Chinese IP addresses were used in the attack, North Korea remains the prime suspect.

North Korea accused of hacking South Korean banks

Computer networks at several South Korean banks and TV broadcasters crashed simultaneously early Wednesday. The attack paralysed ATMs across the country starting at 0520 GMT and they were still down six hours later.

3G, 4G modems subject to hack attack

A couple of Russian security researchers have found that the majority of 3G and 4G USB modems handed out by mobile operators to unsuspecting customers are wide open to attacks.

White House calls on China to put a stop to hacking

A senior White House official has demanded that China stop hacking US computer systems and agree to a set of international rules on behavior in cyberspace.

Hacker blackmails women into stripping on camera

A California man has been charged with blackmailing over 350 women into sending him nude photos after hacking into their Facebook, Skype and email accounts.

Anonymous promises more Israeli data leaks

Following its assault on Gaza, Israel has become the target of millions of DDoS attempts, with claims that several hundred websites have been brought down.

UFO hacker saved from extradition

The British home secretary, Theresa May, has announced that computer hacker Gary McKinnon won't be extradited to the US on human rights grounds.

Congress warned about dangers of hacked drones

US lawmakers yesterday heard that there needs to be more regulation and security surrounding the use of private drones.

New Jersey mayor charged with hacking opponents' website

A New Jersey mayor has been arrested for allegedly hacking a website that was calling for him to be recalled.

Could WarGames really have happened?

I recently revisited WarGames and found myself enjoying the film as much as I did when it first hit theaters in 1983.

Israeli government websites downed in suspected hacker attack

Three Israeli government websites - involving army and intelligence - were down on Sunday a few days after a threat from a hacker group.

Facebook admits more than half a million hacking attacks per day

Facebook's launched new security features, claiming its users are subject to as many as 600,000 hacking attempts per day.

Hidemyass says it doesn't hide your ass

You might think that a company called Hidemyass would do just that - but no.

LulzSec suspects arrested

The FBI has arrested three men on suspicion of having carried out hacking attacks against Sony Pictures and Santa Cruz County websites.

Mila Kunis is latest celebrity hack victim

With nude photos of Scarlett Johansson believed to have been stolen by hackers, gossip websites say they've now been contacted by people offering to sell them pictures of Mila Kunis.

RankMyHack lets hackers compete

In recent months, long-time hackers have become just a little miffed with some of the new kids on the block and their automated DDoS attacks - script kiddies, they mutter, darkly.

On Anonymous and police brutality

An alleged case of police brutality in Fullerton, California has inspired the hacker group Anonymous to issue threats to the city’s public officials. But is the hacktivism the only way to get justice?

Alleged AT&T-iPad hacker wants a plea deal

Andrew Auernheimer is accused of hacking AT&T and stealing data belonging to 120,000 Apple iPad users. After allegedly tangling with the two corporate giants, he’s looking to cut a deal.

Most hacking attacks easily avoidable, says government report

Most of the last year's high profile hacking attacks could easily have been avoided, according to a Federal study.

Defcon trains child hackers

At the ripe old age of 19, Ryan Clearly, arrested in the UK last week over a series of high-profile hacks associated with LulzSec, is positively long in the tooth.