'TeamPoison spokesman' arrested in UK

A British teenager has been arrested on suspicion of being the spokesperson for TeamPoison, the hacking group that's attacked websites belonging to Mark Zuckerberg, Nicolas Sarkozy and Scotland Yard itself.

Pentagon wants civilian help to thwart hackers

The head of US Cyber Command says the Pentagon needs private-sector cooperation in reporting computer network attacks to stop the "greatest [unauthorized] transfer of wealth in history."

LulzSec is back with a military dating hack

Hackers associated with the newly resurrected LulzSec claim to have breached the digital perimeter protecting MilitarySingles.com, a dating website targeted at military personnel. 

BBC blames cyber-attack on Iran

The BBC has revealed that it was the target of a sophisticated cyber-attack believed to have originated in Iran.

Porn site hacked by new group

Well, we hope you've all been good boys and girls lately: porn site Digital Playground has been hacked by a new hacktivist group, which says it's stolen the financial and personal details of tens of thousands of customers.

Google promises Chrome hackers $1m in rewards

Google's offering $1 million in bounty payments to hackers managing to come up with a fully-functional exploit of Chrome.

GSM networks leak users' location

Security researchers have discovered it's possible to track a cellphone's location by listening to unencrypted broadcast messages from cell phone towers.

Hackers hit UAE Central Bank website

Israeli hackers downed the website administered by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates on Thursday as the financial institution hosted European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi.

Hackers target Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Hackers operating under the "Nightmare Group" banner managed to shut down the websites of both the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and El Al (Israel Airlines) on Monday.

Cyber threat accelerates IDF hacker recruitment

The growing specter of cyber warfare has prompted the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to step up its recruit of hackers who will be tasked with securing the country's digital perimeter.

Pentagon says it will maintain military preeminence

This past week, President Obama announced a new US defense strategy that was formulated to slash the military budget in a responsible and balanced way. 

AntiSec pledges additional attacks

Hackers operating under the AntiSec banner have pledged to launch a slew of cyber attacks over the holiday weekend in an act of solidarity with WikiLeaks suspect Pfc. Bradley Manning and other prisoners.

Report: Hackers may target Stratfor supporters

A US-based security think tank that recently fell victim to a hack and extract attack is warning subscribers they may be targeted by cyber criminals for voicing their support on Facebook.

Yes, hackers can hijack printers

Researchers at Columbia University have identified a firmware security flaw in an unknown number of Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers that could potentially be exploited by hackers.

AT&T hackers funded terrorist group

Four people have been arrested in the Philippines for a scam which diverted almost $2 million from AT&T into the bank accounts of a Saudi terrorist group.

Report: Hackers could open prison doors

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is concerned about the possibility of hackers remotely opening cell doors to aid mass jailbreaks across the country.

Hackers go on DNS rampage

A group of hackers - ostensibly from Turkey - went on a DNS rampage over the weekend.

Anonymous vows to take down Facebook

A Twitter message purporting to come from the Anonymous hacker collective says the group's planning to destroy Facebook on November 5th.

BlackBerry hacked as UK riots rage on

As word of Mark Duggan's controversial death spread over BlackBerry Messenger and various social networking sites, civil unrest ensued with violent riots breaking out in the streets of London and other British cities.

DARPA woos hackers to improve military tech

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) says it's prepared to dish out funds to hackers who can help it with cybersecurity.