Infamous cyber criminal evades harsh prison sentence

In 2008, popular electronic payment service RBS WorldPay admitted to being hacked by a gang of cyber criminals who stole sensitive information to create cloned debit cards.

The Event's geek hero

The NBC Sci-fi series, "The Event" is coming along nicely. I'm enjoying keeping up with it, and looking forward to its return at the end of the month. 

When I look back at the episodes we have so far, however, there is a glaring issue which rankles me.

Hacker steals billions of Zynga game chips

A British hacker has admitted stealing 400 billion virtual poker chips from Zynga, valued at as much as $12 million.

Christina Aguilera blames hacker for "Dirrty" pics leak

An angry Christina Aguilera is claiming that a "computer hacker" stole semi-naked pictures of her which were subsequently circulated on the Internet.

FTC picky about its hacker hires

Instead of arresting computer hackers, the latest trend in government management is to, well, hire them. Chris Soghoian seems to be one such hacker.

Hacker accused of stealing 400,000 credit card numbers

A US federal grand jury has indicted a serial hacker for allegedly breaking into a computer network at the Federal Reserve Bank and stealing more than 400,000 credit/debit card numbers.

Hacker turns Kinect into 3D camera

A UC Davis researcher has managed to turn the Xbox Kinect into a 3D video camera.

Sarah Palin e-mail hacker heads to halfway house

A former college student convicted of breaking into Sarah Palin's e-mail account during the 2008 presidential elections has been sentenced to a year and one day.

Female hacker steals nude pics

A female hacker named Leah Ayers was recently charged with breaking into the e-mail account of a former Playboy Playmate and stealing multiple images.

Feds attempt to silence Xbox hacker

The US federal government is attempting to silence a talented hacker by preventing him from offering expert testimony at an upcoming Xbox 360 jailbreak trial.

World's hottest female hacker appears in NYC court

Kristina Svechinskaya - who has been dubbed the "world's hottest female hacker" - recently appeared in a NYC courtroom to face charges of stealing $35,000 for the notorious Eastern European ZBot cyber-criminal gang.

VoIP hacker gets 10 years in the slammer

A convicted VoIP hacker has been sentenced to 10 years in the slammer for stealing and reselling Internet telephone service valued at approximately $1.4 million.

Criminal hacker who stole $9 million walks free

A criminal hacker who helped steal a staggering $9 million from ATM machines around the world will not be spending a single day in the slammer.

Researchers hack into moving car's security system

A team of university researchers has shown that it is possible to infiltrate a car's computer system while it is moving at highway speeds, proving the security risks of having computer-controlled vehicles.

US Secret Service funded convicted hacker

A convicted hacker was reportedly paid $75,000 a year by the US Secret Service to operate undercover and inform on bank card thieves.

Hacker brings 100 cars to a halt

Drivers in Austin, Texas thought their cars were possessed when their horns started honking in the middle of the night or their vehicles simply wouldn't start.