Got an account on a site like Github? Hackers may know your e-mail address

If you have an account on Github, StackExchange, or any one of countless other sites, there's a good chance hackers can identify the e-mail address you used to register it. That's because Gravatar, a behind-the-scenes service that says it works with millions of sites, broadcasts the information using ...

Yes, Google Glass can be modded and hacked

Barring any last minute changes, it seems as if Google's upcoming Glass tech will be hacker and modder friendly, just like Mountain View's Nexus indigenously designed phone and tablets.

Nook Simple Touch hacked to run PlayStation games

Hack puts PlayStation games on Nook eReader.

Anonymous members hoist by own petard

Anonymous members hoping to take part in denial of service attacks have unwittingly been downloading a version of the Zeus trojan, putting their financial details at risk.

United Nations website gets hacked

A hacker who infiltrated the United Nations (UN) website has posted a list of potential network security vulnerabilities along with a detailed "map" of the organization's internal database on Pastebin.

VeriSign acknowledges multiple security breaches

VeriSign has acknowledged that it was hacked "repeatedly" by external entities who stole undisclosed information.

Iranian government websites hacked in cyber assault

A number of Iranian government websites were downed on Thursday, including those administered by Press TV and the Ministry of Health.

For sale - hacked PayPal accounts

Compromised PayPal accounts are typically perceived as a valuable commodity in the digital criminal underground.

Sony Pictures gets pwned by LulzSec

The hacker group known as LulzSec is claiming credit for an extensive digital raid against SonyPictures.

Sony hacked and humiliated once, twice more

Sony is like a bruised and bloody boxer who just can't fight his way out of a corner. Indeed, the Japanese-based corporation has apparently been hacked yet again - in two separate incidents.

Sony pwned and owned yet again

Sony has been forced to remove the stolen names and partial addresses of 2,500 sweepstakes contestants posted on a hacked website owned by the Japanese-based corporation.

iPhone and BlackBerry Pwn2Owned by veteran hackers

Two veteran hacker teams managed to successfully crack Apple's iPhone and RIM's BlackBerry during Pwn2Own 2011.

Anonymous pwns Westboro Baptist Church

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous successfully hacked the official website of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church earlier this morning. The group left a map of the internal network of the church on the website, along with a note that blamed the digital infiltration on the congregation's "recent antics" to gain media attention.

Oh, the irony! Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page was hacked last night, bringing a smile to the face of anyone that feels the company isn't doing enough to protect users' privacy.

For sale: Hacked military and government websites

A particularly gutsy hacker is looking to sell access to military, government and university websites. How much, you ask?

Yes, PS3 hacks are here to stay

A prominent video game developer believes that Sony will ultimately fail to effectively combat so-called "piracy" on its flagship Playstation 3 console.

Custom firmware for hacked PS3s spotted in the wild

Sony's PlayStation 3 console was unceremoniously cracked just a week ago by the fail0verflow team. And w00t! The first custom firmware for hacked PS3s - coded by KaKaRoToKS - hit the 'Net yesterday.

Hackers slash Axl Rose's Twitter account

Welcome to the cyber jungle, baby! Hackers have apparently taken Axl Rose's Twitter account down to Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...tied up.

Hacked Archos 5 Internet tablet runs Maemo

An intrepid team of hackers has deployed openAOS dualboot to run Nokia's Maemo on the Android-based Archos 5 Internet Tablet and Internet Media Tablet (IMT).

Dev Team jailbreaks Apple iPad 3G

A member of the iPhone Dev Team known as "MuscleNerd" has successfully jailbroken Apple’s iPad 3G.