Google responds to Android app licensing hack

Google has responded to a claim that Android Market apps can be easily hacked, patched and stripped of their licensing protection.

Dude, where's my PS3 jailbreak?

W00t! The PS3 - which is locked down tighter than Fort Knox during a Democratic fundraiser - has allegedly been jailbroken.

Pandigital Novel hacked, no rooting required

Want to hack your Pandigital Novel but don't feel like rooting the device? Well, now you can gain access to the command line by simply overwriting the existing home screen.

23-year-old gets his hands on 4 million Pirate Bay accounts

A 23-year-old hacker was able to find a vulnerability in the database of file-sharing giant Pirate Bay, accessing millions of private e-mail addresses and passwords.

Apple iTunes hack affected 0.00003% of users

The fact that someone actually dug into a security hole and hacked personal iTunes accounts is nothing to be overlooked, but final details reveal that only about 3 out of every 1,000,000 iTunes account holders were affected.

iTunes App Store accounts hacked

In what's clearly been a busy weekend for hackers, reports are appearing that there has been suspicious activity over at the iTunes App Store.

Anthem Blue Cross website hack of 200,000+ customers

Identity thieves promise everyone free buckets of Oxycotin and Vicodin Jello shots.

Go Daddy counters PHP hack attacks

Go Daddy has stepped up its efforts to counter an ongoing PHP hack attack that has affected a number of Internet hosting providers, including BlueHost, DreamHost, Media Temple and Network Solutions. 

Hacker to demonstrate ATM attacks

A security researcher says he plans to reveal security vulnerabilities of two types of ATM along with a new ATM rootkit.

Teenager admits he hacked

A Pennsylvania teen today confessed in court that he injected a virus into Sony's online gaming Web site. The 17-year-old boy, whose name was not released because he is a minor, will face sentencing for the misdemeanor.

Man charged with porn offences after Russian billboard hack

An elderly Russian driver reportedly had a heart attack at the wheel, after a prankster hacked into a mainframe to beam a porn film onto a giant billboard.