Epic fail: Sony retweets jailbroken PS3 code

In a social media snafu, Sony spokesman Kevin Butler accidently retweeted PlayStation 3’s jailbreak code last night, mistaking the tweet for a "Battleship" board game reference.

Hackers breach Nasdaq network

Little known to the general public, the Nasdaq Stock Market’s computer network has been repeatedly hacked over the past year, leaving federal investigators scrambling to locate the perpetrators and determine their purpose.

Google offers $20K bounty to hack Chrome browser

Yes, it's Pwn2Own time again! And this year, Google is offering a cool $20K bounty to any hacker capable of cracking its popular Chrome browser.

Facebook hack means rethinking digital privacy

If you weren’t worried about how much of your personal information was available online before, seeing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook page hacked should have done the trick.

Facebook gets serious about security

Facebook has announced two new security features to further protect users of the popular social network. The first is a secure HTTPS connection used to shield members throughout the Facebook experience, and not just when a password is typed.

Two charged over AT&T iPad hack

In response to the "brute force" attack by self professed "Internet trolls," prosecutors have finally charged two individuals with a hack that exposed the personal data of over 120,000 iPad users in June.

Cloud powers quick and dirty WPA-PSK hack

A security researcher claims to have coded a quick and dirty WPA-PSK hack that exploits the processing power of Amazon’s Cloud computing infrastructure to break into wireless networks.

Hack adds Kindle app to Nook Color

Brave Nook Color owners are able to read Kindle books on the device, thanks to a simple hack.

Alleged hack cracks PS3 master key

At this week's Chaos Communication Conference, a group of hackers known as fail0verflow appeared to crack the PS3's randomized key cryptography and access the system's master code.

McDonalds customers warned over identity theft

McDonalds customers may face something a lot nastier than greasy food, with the company warning that a hacker has gathered thousands of customer details.

Internet demands Kinect sex, stat!

The Internet has been abuzz over Microsoft's Kinect, the gaming system we all know to rate our dance skills and helps us perfect our yoga poses.

Google TV root bounty set at $1,000

Yes, we all know how fun and downright satisfying rooting a Google TV device would be. But how about getting paid a sweet $1,000 for the privilege?

Video: Kinect lightsaber hack

This sweet lightsaber hack was coded using the power of the Force, OpenKinect drivers and OpenCV.

Report: Microsoft Kinect pwned and owned

A talented modder by the name of AlexP has reportedly managed to hack, pwn and own Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect.

Blizzard purges 5,000 Battlenet accounts

Blizzard has purged at least 5,000 Battlenet accounts belonging to players who were caught cheating and hacking maps in Starcraft 2.

Hackers crack HDCP code

Hackers have managed to crack an Intel-developed encryption code that is currently used by a number of industry heavyweights to secure high-definition video content and devices.

Report: XDA Dev jailbreaks PS3 with Android Nexus One

An XDA Dev member known as "t4tav" has reportedly coded a sweet PS3 jailbreak that can be executed via a rooted Nexus One or HTC Desire.

New, open source PS3 jailbreak may get round piracy claims

A new, open source jailbreak for the PS3 has been released by modder Mathieu Hervais, with the claim that it doesn't promote piracy.

Hackers crack commercial quantum encryption systems

It's just asking for trouble to describe an encryption system as 'unhackable - and now a Norwegian team claims to have cracked what's been hailed as the ultimate in secure communications, quantum cryptography.

Sony cracks down on PS3 jailbreakers

Sony and its pack of highly trained lawyers have won a temporary injunction banning the sale of a controversial Playstation 3 USB jailbreak hack.